Leather Toy Horse

Horse Leather Toys

Dark brown vintage leather bound horse statue figure glass eyes. Ancient leather horse figure - glass eyes - handmade - for repairs - Sold as IS. Leather vintage toy horse sculpture with saddle bridle, status: Swedish looking toy horse from the century with original leather ears and horsehair tail.

Horse leather

Breathtaking leather horse in excellent state. The leather horse would be a great complement to your range of models. The leather harness is fractured in a few places, but it could be..... It is about 12" high x 15". On the horse's basis there are the remnants of an old label that looks quite old.

Breeding horse model. Lederz├╝gel, Sattel and Ohren. This is the ideal present for a horse enthusiast. Horse figurine sculpture statue 19" x 19" x 6" leather packed horse packed in vintage leather. REAL LEATHER HORSE FIGURINE 12" LEATHER HAS COLOUR VARIATION ?. Approx. 14" W x 9" D A leather cord on the nut is absent, few crisps and cracks in the leather due to age.

I feel like leather over a piece of furniture, but not safe. Sattel inclusive. Handmade and packed in real leather. Approx. 16 "W x 12 "H A leather cord on the nut is absent, few crisps and age-related leather tear. Very good state. Crockery in leather with wooden accessoires. Primitive wooden horse. hors loves this is a colorful all teacher hors estuary. See photos for detail on this lovely work.

HORSE WRITTEN WRITH LEATHER WRITTEN WITH RADAL. Horse sculpture statue, 8" x 6 1/2" glass eye, vintage leather coated, in perfect state. The horse seems to be in a raised stance, but it would need a stud to actually hold this posture. Horse is in good shape with 2 small bumps.

Horse's crotch is.... Brown, leather-covered, riding horse statue in good, neat state. Take a close look at the pictures and note the stirrups, nut and the overall good overall shape of this magnificent horse..... The seating part is about 5 " T x 4" B. March horse completely with equipment.

Fully leather-covered. Glaseyes, giant! Made entirely of leather, this walking horse is beautiful! Leather harness and stirrup nut are included, which makes this a great horse for....

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