Leather Western Saddle

Western saddle made of leather

The size of Western saddles ranges from the smallest youth to the hard to find adult size. Various types of leather for western saddles There are many different forms, dimensions, colours and makes in the interesting saddle market. Every style has been developed especially for the horseman and the equestrian in this area. Some general concepts mean the same thing in the saddle-business. Buckskin is one of the most commonly used names for saddle, the peculiarity of the seat.

But there is more than just a word, here we will explain the significance behind the words in the saddle market. Saddle reference very often uses the leather used. Cowhide is the most frequently used leather in the equine saddle making sector. A few British calipers use pigskin for the seat.

A western saddle is the best place to find another leather on the saddle. A number of calipers have a sleek, even leather fit, these are great for someone who gets in and out of the saddle over and over again for work or other things. Its suede leather seats are made of splitted leather, which is softer and feels like a "handle".

Velour feels pleasantly softer. Roughed leather is the flesh-side leather opposite the plain grained side of the leather. Just like buckskin, the raw leather has a good grip and is often used in running calipers on the sitting duo and the mudguards. The leather is characterized by the hides and pore structure.

Ostrich leather's extraordinary styling is due to the bird's plumes. These types of leathers are often coloured in vibrant colours to emphasise their uniqueness. You will find this styling mostly in more dark colours, which would be in the wilderness on a genuine gator.

The Stingray is also back as a favorite leather option for saddlers because of its pronounced pattern and appearance.

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