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Here too, there should be a width between the straps and the horse's body. With the right length and placement of the leg straps, your horse's blanket is held securely in place, whether he is slumbering or galloping. Seems that everyone I speak to has their own way of attaching the leg straps to blankets and swears that it is the only way to do it.

Orthopaedic Kensington Adjustable leg loops horse blanket

There is no need to fear that your horse cover will fly up again with these easy-to-fasten leg straps. With brasscovered snap fasteners at both ends, these spare leg loops are fully removable. Through Kensington Kensington is a family-owned company known for fashionable, high-quality horse goods in the USA.

In 1954 we started with the introduction of the first canvas blanket and barback pads for the horse riding world. We have been helping to protect our clients from the weather and save horse lovers a lot of trouble and expense ever since. We are more than just another "pretty face", because innovation such as the proprietary protective film and Bug Eye Mask have made Kensington a leading company in the horse clothing world.

All our materials are subjected to strict controls at our head office in Southern California. We test all levels of shelf life to assure a guaranteed level of workmanship. We have such a close staff and a profound knowledge of the sector that we are able to provide all our clients with incomparable craft.

Today, as a national recognised horse trade mark, we are in the spotlight worldwide.

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A perfectly seated cover is important for your horse's comfort, protection and performance. An improperly positioned ceiling can cause uncomfort and friction, so it is important that the ceiling fits properly: First put the cover over your horse's back. When your horse has never wore a rug before, you may need someone to help you keep it while you make careful adaptations.

Close the straps. It' important that a rug snugly snuggles into the withers and around the back so that your horse can move around under the cloth without the rug sliding back. Fasten the clasps and make sure you can still slip your hands down the throat. When you have found that the rug is a good match around your horse's throat, move it along his back into place so that his fur lays even.

When the joint between the tailgate and the ceiling is under the top of his cock, the ceiling may be too large. If you put on a crossbelt cover, make sure that the straps intersect in the middle of the horse's abdomen in front of his knee.

Here too, there should be a width between the straps and the horse's post. In the case of blankets with leg straps, take the leg straps on the leftside, place them between the hindlegs and secure them on the leftside. Grab the right leg belt, guide it between the rear limbs and through the loops of the right belt and attach it to the right side.

Leg-straps are connected to each other to avoid friction and to keep the ceiling in place. When you attach the ceiling well, it will hardly move due to motion and roll. When the leg straps are too loosely, the ceiling slips. Evenly set the leg straps until there is room for the width of one arm (4 to 5 inches) between the leg straps and your horse's upper leg so that you can move freely.

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