Life Size Horse Toy

Life-size horse toy

The Hansa Toys offer large stuffed animals and life-size stuffed animals. Specification of products The Hansa is appreciated all over the globe for its fine art of collecting the fauna of our planet. Designed initially for select collector in Europe, each soft toy is carefully handmade from profiles of genuine wildlife in their native environment. Alone or in combination with other Hansa pets, these beautiful beings are great best companions for kids, grown-ups and gatherers.

Furthermore, home decorators around the globe often turn to Hansa pets when they design individual, one-of-a-kind rooms. Present them in groups or use their large, characteristic creatures to define the subject of a room. Hansa's head of design draws on his anatomical backgrounds to explore each individual beast. All of the fabrics for the speckled and striated creatures are manufactured in small quantities according to Hansa's high standards.

All of the cloth used is manually cropped from complicated designs and manually cropped by Hansa craftsmen, never by machine. For each small pet an avarage of 42 individual specimens is used (some specimens have up to 240 different specimens). Each Hansa animal's face and torso are meticulously shaped inwards and outwards to produce individual characteristics and muscles that are individual to each one.

Each face is worked by hands, which means that each pet is different - just like in life. Each Hansa has a toy that describes the environment, the life style, the pregnancy, the caring of the young and the dietary habit of each of them. Hansa aims to bring the life of these great beings closer to kids and grown-ups and to appreciate and show the importance of living together with all our species.

HANSA's Life Size Pained Pony is an individual handmade soft toy from the Hansa Collection in Erbstückqualit. Each HANSA pet that has been designed by an artist in a social responsibility setting using portrait images of wildlife in their own living space has its own character. HANSA soft toys are all provided with "coats" which have been carefully trimmed by hands and never punched out by machines.

Every Hannah comes with smooth feet, swinging cocks and especially full of soul filled ears. Her enchanting faces are meticulously detailled to give her a "lifelike" look that is unmistakeably MANSA. The enchanting, real life creations of our company offer collector and pet lover of all age groups a life long pleasure. Worldwide, MANSA is known for the world's widest selection of fine wilderness rugs.

Designed initially for Europe's discerning collector, each soft toy is carefully crafted from profiles of genuine wildlife in their own environment. HANSA's aim is to help young and old to learn about the conservation of these beautiful pets and to help them appreciate, value and appreciate the importance of living together with all of them.

Every pet comes with a "Toys that Teach" day detailing the animal's environment, life style, pregnancy duration, boy maintenance, and diet. The reproduction of all types of fauna is the subject of intensive research. Like mentioned before, the material for the speckled and streaked pets is made to measure and produced only in small amounts according to the strict HANSA specification.

Every single pet is handcrafted by the HANSA artist in order to recreate it with its very own character (as in life).

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