Lightweight Australian Saddle

Australian light saddle

It is a high-quality, light saddle, ideal for endurance and hiking rides. KIMBERLY Saddlery Lite Rider Australian Endurance Saddle A lot of our clients said they wanted one of our Down Under Series Longreach endurance seats, but the cost was out of reach. It is a high-quality, lightweight saddle, perfect for trekking and trekking. The saddle is made of hardwearing two-tone plain leathers, either beige or dark.

Due to the extremely tight contacting character of this saddle we suggest our Merino Exercise Cushion ("PAD 580"). The saddle is supplied with 2.5" colour-coordinated stapes, an acryl non-woven belt and 4 bars of copper brace. "4 "4" Right of Returns / 30 day money-back guarantee: They can send an article back for whatever reasons.

The goods must be sent back in their new, authentic state within 30 workingdays from the date of invoicing (customs and used goods must be back in the state in which they were received). The cost of returns shall be borne by the client. To request the Returns Codes before sending the goods back, please call (720) 975-9290 in advanced; without this codes your returns will not be considered inoperative.

Ensure that the returns authorisation codes are clearly labeled on the top of the Cartons. Ensure that the article is sent back with all originals and hanging labels. In the event that the goods you are sending back have been changed or modifi ed in any way, the conversion or refund policy will be cancelled immediately.

Any refunds do not include postage and packing. Refunds (if you pay by cheque) may take up to 5 working nights after we receive the backorder. Calipers only: Within the scope of our saddle equipment programme we permit the returning of seats within the 30-day time limit, even if they wereriddled.

If a saddle is obviously worn, however, your returns will be modified by at least 15% (more if the saddle is used extensively) so that we can sell it at a discounted rate. Any saddle that comes back with mud and/or horsehair will receive a $30 clean-up fee.

When the saddle has been used or broken so that it cannot be sold on, an Exchange or Reimbursement is not possible.

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