Lightweight Horse Rug

A light horse blanket

Lightweight Saxon switch board with standard neck and without filling. We have the perfect lightweight turnout cover for your horse. Turnout carpets from Ride-Away At Ride-Away we have a vast selection of high-performance switch carpets to protect your horse from the weather. Only the best switch carpets from top makes such as Rambo Mark Todd, Weatherbeeta and Shires, to name but a few. Throughout the season, our assortment offers you convenience and shelter with a selection of fabrics, style and design from which you can be sure to find the right carpet for your horse.

Our range will not let you down, from light switches to keep your horse warm and cold during the summers to heavy switches to keep your horse comfortable in the fields on snow. At Ride-Away we also have a great range of radiators, carpets and carpets at great value for money, so why not take care of your horse today?

Light switch carpets

The Bucas Smartex is a lightweight switch carpet with dried linings. Buca Buzz-Off Bucas Buzz-Off can solve the problem of what carpet your horse should be wearing when flying outside, but there is a possibility of shower. The Bucas Select Lightweight Blanket can be used alone or in combination with a selection of Select Quilts.

High Neck Bucas Power Lightweight soft blanket with antibacterial stay-dry soft padding. FAL-PRO Bulldog Collection - Waterproof, wind-proof and easy to use, makes this multi-purpose carpet the most appreciated in the series.

Light switch carpets - Horze UK

The tarpaulins offer moisture barrier and allow mobility at the crossover. Outdoor happiness and good condition in damp conditions with different types and weight of raincovers. It is a must for optimum horse wellbeing and your horse will be enjoying its grazing season while wearing a classy Horze raindrop.

To keep your turn drier, wear a rag cloth while you are waiting at the ring on showy, wet showcases. When your horse is dehydrated, it can benefit from all weathers and Horze layers of precipitation are the ideal protection.

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