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Take a look at our End of Season Sale here. Waterproof, breathable and durable, our horse blankets are available in a wide range of colours, weights, sizes and styles at prices to suit every budget. Healey Lightweight Turnout.

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Horseware, Weatherbeeta and Mackey horse blankets. Equipped with one of the best horse carpets in Ireland, with a carpet for every horse. We have a range of horse blankets for sale in light, intermediate and heavier versions to satisfy the needs of your horse at different seasons.

In the cooler seasons it is better to use a soft carpet that keeps the horse away from dirt and dirt while it is outside. The most famous of all carpets is probably the blanket of the cowshed. These can differ in height and body mass, but all have the aim of keeping your horse warm even in the coldest of weathers.

They are particularly useful if your horse is not able to get out and move for a certain amount of elapsed times, which would help him to produce warmness. Summermonate can still cause problems for the horse, e.g. stings from insects. Mash carpets are available to help decrease the amount of mosquito or other mosquito stings your horse can endure during the warm season and prevent irriment.

People don't like insect stings, so just think how irritating they are if you can't do it! This helps to decrease the amount of ultraviolet radiation a horse gets and can keep your horse cold and tidy even in the dustiest areas. It is especially important for pale coat bronzes, which are more easily suntanned than dark-haired one.

At last there are colder carpets. Most horse race enthusiasts know these because they are placed over the horse after the race to control their temperatures and protect them from sudden changes in heats. Manufactured from moisture-absorbing material, they help wick perspiration from the horse onto the carpet, making the cooling phase less severe.

Colder carpets are similar to sportswear we could use.

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