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Light trail saddles Over the last ten years the horse riding sector has experienced a big increase in the appeal of the light duty trailer. A lot of us mocked these saddles when they first came onto the saddles because at that point weight and qualitiy didn't really go together. But since the end of the 1990s, the technology progress of the tree and the overall saddles have strongly enhanced.

I think these saddles are the greatest thing that has happened to this sector in the last 75 years. For over 30 years I have been selling all types of saddles. During this period I have seen many brands and styles of light saddles ¦ some good, some not so good.

Choosing to expand our line to include lightweight saddles, I selected two renowned manufacturers of saddles that I thought were the best for horses and riders: the Flex2 (formerly Flex Lite) Circle Y saddles and the whole line of Tucker saddles. We--we just adore these saddles.

Flex-Lite was first launched on Circle Yâs Barel Racing Saddles. Brel Racer are always looking for ways to lose some of their mass and improve the performances of their saddles. Flex-Lite boom was much easier and its versatility provided all the advantages of distributing the weights of a conventional boom without limiting the horse's movement when reaching and bending around the canes.

Recognizing the harness's full scope in a trailing seat, Circle Y created the Flex-Lite trailing line, which has since been transformed into the enhanced Flex2 harness and seat designs. We' ve been selling Circle Y Flex-Lite saddles since they were introduced into barrel saddles. Flex2 is an excellent rider bike seat for young horses, back or shoulders and anyone else who has difficulty riding a saddled saddleg.

The overall shape and moderate depth make it an ideal all-round harness for trails, fun and most disciplines except abseiling. Due to the trees we have also found this to be an outstanding treeddle for mule trees and wilted saddles. A 3-way rig in the coat allows the horse to attach the tack to accommodate a number of different pets.

The soft tea leathers on the seated duo and mudguards also prevent the nut from shrinking and minimise the rider's stress on his knees and ankles. Last year Circle Y enhanced and extended this range of saddles to include many tool design and colour choices, all with a suitable staple.

Docker Saddlery has been making saddles for almost 25 years. Most of us who have been in this shop for a long period of our life have been slowly accepting these singular saddles as qualities for which we would not be embarrassed in our saddle rooms. However, Tucker saddles have proven themselves and proved to be really good saddles.

Using high grade raw and finished fabrics from leathers to hard- and software, Tuckers provides the best in-store guarantee on their ¦a full ten years. Tuckers use a wood beam coated with a sealant named DURAhideâ"¢. They' ve created this nursery to provide a good footing for many races, as well as gaiters.

We' ve found that this pattern is also advantageous for many other races because it offers a little more space in the shoulder. Trailsaddles are exclusively developed and built by Tucker. These saddles are all tailored to the needs of horsemen and trails.

Obviously, the most special thing about a Tucker is its patent-registered, shock-absorbing gel-cush-fitting. This very well cushioned soft cushioned soft rubber and soft top cushion makes long journeys a real treat. It was a real treat to sell Tucker saddles. There are only a few Tucker Saddles that don't suit three different trees.

As the Circle Y Flex Lite nut, they are very much loved by young and old alike, as well as back and shoulders sufferers and anyone else who finds it difficult to mount a saddled saddler. Two clients with poor backs called us and told us that the gel-cush fit on the Tucker gave them the opportunity to drive comfortably again.

Combining English stirrup straps, Trail Glide stirrups and the Gel-Cush fit gave her the luxury she needed for long periods of riding. Although it may not be scientifically sound, I think one way to assess the qualtity of a horseback riding equipment is to measure how many of these saddles come back as trade-ins.

During all the years I have sold Tucker saddles and Circle Y Flex2 Trail saddles, I can on the one side of the coin consider the number of two saddles that have been sold. The saddles really keep their value and their owner won't let them go. There' s no need to believe that a good grade rider has to be over 40 lbs. nor should he spoil your days to ride your saddled horses.

The Circle Y Flex2 Saddles as well as the Tucker saddles provide the client with an extraordinarily well made one. The two saddlery trees are suitable for a broad palette of animals and do not limit the movements of the animal. The Circle Y and Tucker saddles provide riding and riding convenience and are specially formulated for trails and long outings.

Both of these ranges provide customers with a wide range of designs, colours, features and more. You can have it all in one trailer seat!

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