Lightweight Western Saddle

Lighweight Western Saddle

For a really great light saddle for trail/joy/western dressage I need a solid recommendation (or ten!?) that won't blow up the bench. I like Abetta's saddles, which are very light and durable.

Female Seats ~ Distinctions

In the development of light calipers for men, we take particular care to distinguish between women's and men's gait. A saddle for a woman must have a different fit than a man's or it will not be comfy.

As a rule, the gap between a woman's is between 4 and 6.5 inch. The majority of standard saddle series are made by men for men and this is hardly ever considered. We ask the driver to measure the gap between the sitting bone. Womens trailer seats should have a ready-made fit that is broad enough for their hips.

Female seats should also have a slightly forward facing fit, as the bone of a woman's fit usually touches the fit of a saddle slightly further forward than that of a man, which also affects where we begin to shape the fit for the thighs.

15" to 17" Big Horn Lady Light Weight Flex Trail Saddle 325 326 327

Girls, it's saddle fitting is not a compromise! This saddle is a real treat due to its slim twisty design and low heigt. Mounted on a bendable boom for a better shape for your horses and less for you. A huge den- rigging ensures that this saddle remains on flat and impassable ground.

The long chords make room for all the trailer equipment and the stitched corduroy cloth gives this saddle's saddle a lovely aura. This is a great saddle I bought a saddle that came with a good but strong saddle. I can' walk like a buckaroo after a long trip.

A great saddle for a committed, older ham. I' m training and I' m ridein' in the stadium. This saddle was purchased last October because of its low body mass, as I am not a big lady and it is much simpler to make the first attempt with my medium sized sire. I' ve only just begun to go on horseback because I've had an operation and haven't been able to go on horseback for a while.

This saddle is handsome and goes well with my saddle. Now we have 3 of them, and we are planning to get a bike like this one for my man! This saddle is very recommendable. It is lightweight, well suited to the horses and easy to handle.

Beautiful saddle Beautiful saddle and very comfortable. Mates well with all my ponies. The Arabic to the broad, brief neighborhood pony. Have a really good trip! This saddle I use almost every single working days and I drive long stretches in it. I' m even using it for my stamina saddle! All my mates in the shed tell me what a beautiful looking saddle it is and I do!

I can also take a hiding, because I am not simple to handle. I' d definitely buy this saddle again and advise every woman to buy it. It' so good! Its high inclination is a genuine plus, as it makes you really feels safe and gives the chair a good hold.

I had to take them to my own garage to have them repaired! This is a serious problem - my retailer could show you how to back it up forever! I have another big horns saddle and I like it, so I chose another one.

A great saddle for me I think it is great that Big Horn made a saddle for us all. The saddle is so simple to put on my saddle and just as easily to keep tidy. It' perfect for me and my stallion! Thank you saddle shop.

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