Lightweight Western Trail Saddles

Western Trail Light Saddles

Our focus is on making comfortable, lightweight trail saddles that can withstand years of use under the toughest conditions. Well, I really don't know much about Western saddles. I' ve got a synthetic saddle from Abetta and I personally love it. It can be difficult to choose from the best light western trail saddles.

Ultra light nut

It can be made of either cushioned leathers or genuine fleeces and is available in different colours to fit your semi. Ultralight is supplied with off-the-shelf hinges. It is possible to adjust your club belts to your colour of seats and also to attach mudguards to your semi.


They are very comfy. Those jackboots are ludicrously comfy! Tailored - I am wearing 9 in Redwings/most other footwear, and 9s are a perfect match. It' s amazingly smooth and smooth, and they hardly had a fracture in it. Every so often I get a comment on my boot when it wears off.

To get the protective effect I use impartial bootpolme.

Best Lightweight Western Trail Saddles - How to Select?

Western-trail saddles. They have been conceived to make you and your horses feel good for more than a mile on the trail. Finding the best light western trail saddles on the marked can sometimes be hard. I' ve chosen to make the job a little bit simpler for you by showing some of the best (in my modest opinion) light Western Trail saddles on the net, and what you should be looking for in a Trail seat.

First of all, look for the material in a trail semi. Fitting is important, because the more you invest in the seat, the more important the fitting becomes. Whereas a small flaw in an arenasaddle can have no (or very little) effect because you will only be in the saddle for 1 hr, this flaw can cause considerable pain for both you and your horses after you have ridden on a trail all along different rythm.

Luckily, there are a number of saddlery shops that take care of the needs of trailers. Equestrian trail seat producers such as Abetta, Cashel and Circle Y (and a whole range of other manufacturers) climb onto the board and offer many possibilities for light Western trail saddles. However, when looking for some of the best light western saddles I have to say that "light" is not.

When you consider that some Western saddles can be up to 60 lbs., a nut weighing between 17 and 25 lbs. is definitely regarded as easy. Let's begin with one of my favourites - Abi Saddles. In this special trail semitrailer he uses the realide boom. It is a viscous, lightweight, versatile plastic material.

Isn' a shaped Christmas trees good? The great thing about using a shaped boom is that every nut comes out flawless. Abetta Sublime Super Cushion Trail saddle 20500's exterior shell is made of durable, scratch-resistant 1000 denier fabric lined with a shock-absorbing Super Cushion Memory Foam.

However, I think the Cashel Lite Trail Saddle CLT is an exceptional case. The Cashel Lite Trail Saddle CLT is the ideal combination of lightness and performance. The Lite Trail seat offers the ideal combination of tactics without damaging your back (or that of your horse) with an overweight.

Then the saddles are thoroughly dryed to ensure that they do not warp. Fibreglass is then used to refine the nut for added firmness to keep it from being warped in the near term. Distinctive features: You know that the paths for horseback rides are varied. When you ride over rocks, the coarse sitting duo and mudguards offer additional traction for this type of trail-racing.

It also keeps you in the right and comfortably seated posture. These lightweight saddles come with many different string options for all your trail biking needs. Finally, we have the Circle Y Pioneer Flex2 Trail Saddle 1665, which is full of advantages for the horses and the riders (but above all for the horses), so I am enthusiastic about this bike.

It has many advantages for riders and horses. Firstly, there is driver convenience. It has a rubber padded fit known for one of the best fits in the business for which your backside will be grateful after a long commute.

It also has a tight-fitting, tailored hem for a great arena/trail combination for a versatile and comfortable work. What about the comforts for the horses? It has a Neo-Shock skirt filling in which they take wetsuit and fill the bottom of the leathers to reduce the bump on collision.

Besides the neo-shock function, the rider has a tunnelling apron. Many saddles are locked at the back. However, with this seat you can look directly to the front and back. The function allows more air flow and keeps your horses cool. Featuring a short coat, this fantastic rider is available in a mid-width and extra-wide Flex 2 boom, making it suitable for any type of rider.

This means that if you have a high wilted steed, ram wilted steed or back shorthorse, this Saddle will suit you. The Circly Y seat post is DURAhide plated to make sure it remains tough and durable against the rig. It is equipped with the latest Circle Y high and low profile technologies.

In this way it is ensured that the seat also adapts to your horse's back during movement. A further characteristic of this seat is the Neo Shockprene, which absorbs shocks on collision, and the apron. There is a stiff central boom, but its outside edge bends with every movement of the horses. So which are the best light Western trail saddles?

The other 2 light trail saddles I mention are 17 and 18 lbs in weight, but the Circle Y Pioneer Flex2 Trail saddle 1665, although it is 25 lbs in weight, has many more qualities that are convenient for both riders and horses. Circle Y's commitment to the ride quality of the horses in this seat put me on this one.

I' d definitely have nothing against 8 lbs more on a bike if I had the certainty that the bike could do it: You have liked my attitude towards the best light western saddles. Have you got a question about light saddles?

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