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EMERGENCY CENTURY MODERN, RECORDS & STEREO, USED & RARE BOOKS. Shopping online from a large selection in the Little Horse Books Store. OLDER TED: Little Horse Books &

Vintage, Louisville, CO.

Small Horse Books & Vintage

The Little Horse focuses on mid twentieth centruy architectural, furnishing and graphical designs, also known as mid-century modernism. Economical and stylish designs, high-quality timbers such as Teak and Nut and light colours of popular colours attract us. In addition to furnishings and designs, Little Horse has a huge selection of vinyl and vintage stereos.

Small Horse Books & Vintage Vinyl, Stereo, Housewares - 14 Reviews - Art Galleries - 820 Main St, Louisville, CO - Phonenumber

Listen, I really like this weird little old fashioned records joint downtown Louisville. From time to time we visit these small stores, especially when we need new vinyls. and the shopkeepers are extremely kind and supportive.

When we ask for help in searching for something in particular or for an idea about a disc, we never really get sick, the employees are always very reflective and useful. Your rates are usually reasonable and we always find at least a few plates to go. From a technical point of view, there are two sites within easy reach, one of which has a large panel area and the other has more furnishings and functional articles as well as an electrical engineering workstation.

You have several art galleries down town in Louisville, a stand at Lafayette's garage sale, are full of character, and are generally uniquely and admirably integrated into the community. Little Horse 1 has ( besides the 12-degree brewer ) a great choice of plates and antique/vincid doo-dads (typically smaller), as well as some casual items of music.

So they sent us to Little Horse 3, just a half blocks away, where a very graceful and competent older man was there to welcome us. Still, I ended up leaving with one of the most cool lights I've ever seen, and I'd love to make the trip to Louisville to come back and see LH.

Well, I often go to see my local family. You showed us this place once when we were in CO. Now, every visiting day, we take a journey and look at all the vinyls, books and hip looking snippets. Great place to find some arcane albums!

Knowledgeable Mike has a large stock of books, tunes and sounds. You probably have a better, more accessible choice of used record players than I've seen anywhere in Colorado. As a rule, the scarce price of vinyls is at a high level, but the landlords always seem to be willing to work with you.

Well, the owner's a legendary man. Real easy, not demanding and not retailing when I came in and the owners were very cute. I' ve been playing some door albums and the sounds have overwhelmed me. When I was in there, a client phoned about a place to be repaired and the landlord gave him a phone number and some other choices and took the trouble to make the bloke feel well.

He' s a really good shopkeeper, even if you' re not in his mall! I mean, he was an uncomplicated, fun seller. Listening to albums, we turned the breezes and talked for about 20 min with all the amplifiers. I' m fairly sure he abandoned me at his place to steal the place, but he was a chilly wind.

It concentrates on classical skirt, so if you are looking for trendy hip-hop albums or 90's or beyond, this may not be the place for you. There' also a whole bunch of really nice oldies there. Good deal collectors were mainly 2-3$ a item, so he says he knows what a retailer and recording lover he is.

Well, the place is quite picturesque, too. Luisville is a great little city, almost a seaside city or a seaside city. I' ve got a really nice little place with some really nice things. Many panels are rated with a maximum value or higher. They' ve essentially collected the hottest shit from old-fashioned shops and extrapolated the prizes.

So if you do not want to chase for the finds themselves and have the cash to buy more for them to be found for you, then you may like this place. If it'?s going to be business for a company that competes with Walmart, I get that. A good choice of records and great old fashioned articles (old HiFi gear, bars, books, jewellery).

It' s like a more male view of the old-fashioned shop. EDIT: During my last session I realized that the price of their albums generally seems to be higher than before. Formerly a greenback in the corridor of the community area, today it is a three-dollar greenback full of notes with problems with condition.

Plates are all in the shops now and have plastic covers and high price, and you can find some good plates here. When I saw a pair of chair tulips on the other side of the road, I was attracted to this little place while I enjoyed a beer! And then we saw the vinyls and knew that we would go and see them as soon as we had drunk our beverages!

From bricks to books to souvenirs, every nook and cranny had its own anecdotal pleasures. I' ve got a cute picture of the friend who rocks an old-shool boombox, we have some astonishing Beatles albums and a few books all of which are well rated and smell like old toys! Oddities flood this place, it's so perfectly tidy!

When I tried out a state-of-the-art appliance (a tablet), I discovered the little horse (puppy) that was cooling in a stool in the nook! Until I bought my goods and squeaked, I didn't know the name of the place, because Little Horse is my brother's name. The next fucking next fucking day I'll be in the neighborhood, you bet I'll visit that cute place again!

Louisville, and I like this little place. Fantastic vinyls, books and funny little stockings for Christmas for what is difficult for a single individual to buy. When you come to Louisville, this is a must! So Little Horse bears many singular and interesting things! Great books and vinyls too!

The Little Horse is a great turntable with a great choice of high class records and used stereos. I' m so excited that I have another little used vinyllist in Louisville. Nice place. He was very supportive and knew a lot about his equipment. I' ve been enjoying my stay at the grocery stores and will be back.

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