Little Horses for Sale

Small horses for sale

He's the cutest little guy here. If you are looking for a horse less than standard size, our classifieds have a variety of offers for miniature horses! Kentucky, Cynthiana " Miniature Horse ". AQHA has only shown in AQHA shows, qualifys for all NCHA horse classes with low money. And Kenny has nice movements and would make a great little riding pony.

A new owner in the land of small horses

One of Adams County's landmarks will be in new owners next year. Dawne Smith said that after the end of the summer on October 29th, the owners of Lands of Little Horses Farm are going to move. Her and her spouse, Brian Smith, have been activity locomotion the locomotion organism tract in Highland Township for 25 gathering, she same.

"Dawne Smith said we wanted to go with a good grade. She added that this was the best choice for the reserve to further increase and preserve its guest traffic. Smiths will be retiring on the 21-22 October weekends with a discount and a souvenir store, the Land of Little Horses Facebook page says.

And the new owner is Maggie and Bill Baldwin, neighbours of the ranch, Smith said. "You want this place to be run as a Adams County tradition." The Smiths have retired after 25 years and the farmer's estate is "more than a business". "Smith said in the note, "We are hoping that (the new owners) will have the affection, encouragement and reverence we have received for our term in the New World.

Thematic animal park

Experience our renowned minature horses and their livestock lovers up-close and personal. Shows, displays and one-of-a-kind happenings will inspire the children and "Kids at heart". For the 2018 bid, click here. About the 2018 birthday package. One deluxe and one basic partys.

3 ) 2018 children in the Country Day Camp information and application forms can be found on the register card SECIAL Events. What happens in 2018?

The best resource for Horses to sell using our products for sale at Amsterdam Aspch.

Since 1986 we have bred and shown National Champion Miniatures and American Settl. The Miniatur Shetlands are our speciality, which means that they are listed as both Miniatur (AMHR) and Classical Shetlands ( "ASPC") due to their blood lines. We have always aimed to grow and rear the best minature horse.

We currently use 7 excellent studs and over 100 broodmares to confirm the right equilibrium between herd and gene. There is a large choice of Lamborghini horses for sale, from young show horses to established studs and broodmares. We sometimes come back a little while we do our utmost to put new horses up for sale.

Have fun visiting our new website and we invite you to get in touch with us if you have any queries about our horses.

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