Little Toy Horses

Small toy horses

Little boy's arm doesn't go any further. Often purchased together So I gave these little horses four star because some of them came with bowed feet and I couldn't get them to settle (at least to keep straight). I am an adulthood who wanted to make a small presentation of horses in a big shade stall and they are just for that.

Leaning a child's leg can lead to disappointment because the horses would not be standing alone. The poetry, I think, needs to be rationalized so the leg doesn't bend. Several of the horses are hideous little bit too bright red reddish off and red on! Small, weak horses that don't get up at all.

But when I saw her, I was ashamed to give her to her, and I finally brought her back. There are also several of the same horses, not different designs, but my daugther liked them just as much.

I have two of every kind of horses, so I didn't have to be worried about my kids fighting over the rest of the horses. Most of the little horses' feet are curved and can't be brought back into position, which makes it difficult for the horses to get up. Of course a disappointment.

I would say that about 30% of the bags are usable straigth leg, the others with curved leg are rubbish. If you want the right number of usable horses to be distributed, order much more than you think. Those horses are a little too small.

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