Live Miniature Horses for Sale

Miniature live horses for sale

They are miniature horses for sale, trade and stud. C?t C?t Th?i Th?

?ng Th??ng Th??ng shared R? M?i Ngay's live video. Del, her husband, had researched and bought her first miniature horse as a birthday present. Explore ideas about miniature horses for sale. You can also find internet miniature horse sales and owner-managed miniature horses for sale on the internet.

Falabella Toyland Falabellas - Falabella miniature horses for sale

Commentaries: I' ve got three of your Minis Excalibar, Cody and Cody Pisses. Commentaries: Hi there, I talked to you on the telephone about a months or so ago, I acquired a miniature fallabella mix from a man who knew the grower, his name is Platinum's Celebration and he's an awe-inspiring little fellow n looks as much as his great-grandfather "Toyland Zodiac" can I ask for an extensive pedigree on it please?

Commentaries: For years, my grandchildren and I have wanted a FALABELA and to see that someone has one in Maui. We' d like to stay in touch with the Maui people. Commentaries: There are 4 of our own miniature horses, 3 of which are AMHA-registered. Lovin' your mini's.

Commentaries: It was a great experience to know genes and later work with Bruce, who treats me like a whole team. And I knew Kathy, Laureen and Laurie. Hoping that your whole household is cheerful and well, I wish you much happiness and wellbeing. Commentaries: Buyed Toyland's Sprinter from Laureen two month ago.

Can' t say enough about what an astonishing Laureen is and how much she likes and takes care of her horses. Hawaii is not the easiest place to transport a horseman. There' s so much red tape and so many regulations.... I even had to ship boxes and all the necessary mail.

She never made a complaint if I asked a dozen different things (not even the whole days after he arrived). I was her only customer, my minis were the only minis she was concerned about, and she was treating me like a whole team.

Toyland Sprinter was collected from the airfield last night. "The dog walker he slept with in San Francisco has fallen in love with him! Wherever Sprinter goes, folks take photos and they like him. I was blessed with Laureen. She' s affectionate, friendly and her horses are her own familiy.

Can' t say enough about Toyland, Laureen and Bruce (and other members of the whole familiy who helped!). THANKS, Laureen! Lots of loving it forever! Commentaries: Commentaries: Commentaries: Commentaries: Wanted a miniature animal (no pony), long legs and slim. You' ve got some of the finest I've ever seen.

Commentaries: Lovely mini skis. Commentaries: Commentaries: Commentaries: They' re great. I like mini skis and applications, so they' re great. Commentaries: Commentaries: Commentaries: I' m looking for a filly that is pregnant or that I can raise. Commentaries: Commentaries: Lovin' your midgets! Commentaries: Lovin' the mini! Commentaries: Commentaries: Do you like your horses and would you like to own one?

Commentaries: Commentaries: Loveth thy Appaloosa Falabellas! Commentaries: Simply wonderful! Someday I'd like to own a Fallabella Mini. Commentaries: Commentaries: This is the most wonderful Falabella I have ever seen! Commentaries: Commentaries: I would like to have some Falabellas on my upcoming amateur ranch! Commentaries: Commentaries: And I really do like all mini horses and their characteristics, I really hopefully have one of these great horses as my own one!

Commentaries: Breathtaking miniature birds, adored looking at them all. Commentaries: Commentaries: It' so beautiful to see how this beautiful race is preserved by miniature horses and the heritage Angelica has put her trust in you. Falabolas are astonishing little horses. You know, we were falling in lovemate when we got our two girls' mothers.

Commentaries: I' d like to own one as part of my own one. It would be a worthwhile task to take charge of them. Commentaries: Commentaries: Commentaries: Commentaries: I' d like something small to deal with and would be loving and sociable to myself. Commentaries: These Falabellas are astonishing!

Glad to see the race bloom. Commentaries: It is evident that you are in lover of the race and devoted to its durability and will probably take me a year to purchase one (or two?), but I will soon own one or more of them!

Commentaries: Commentaries: Commentaries: and toyland tinker death and they turned out to be astonishing little sluts. Commentaries: Commentaries: I' ve got five mini's, loving your little guy. the best for you and may God give you a great 2016 year. Commentaries: Commentaries: Astonishingly beautiful creatures!

Commentaries: Commentaries: I' m in lover! Commentaries: The Falabella miniature horses are so sweet! Commentaries: Pretty horses! Commentaries: Commentaries: Commentaries: Commentaries: Commentaries: Comment: I want one of your horses that is so sweet and seems very simple to use. Commentaries: I' d be happy to have one of your lovely mini's as a therapeutic animal.

Commentaries: Nice horses!!!! Commentaries: Make sure you like your colourful, little mini skirts! Commentaries: One of your mini's is what I really wish for & I really look forward to having one in my hand soon! Commentaries: They are invaluable. I adore your pretty little horses. I' d like to buy one or more of them! Comment: nice looking mini's, which I began with Arabians and changed to mini's, are also much simpler to maintain and less to have.

Commentaries: In search of the right place for loving. Commentaries: Commentaries: I' ve got one of you mini's right now. Commentaries: Now my daugher possesses it, and she's gorgeous. Well, I really like her bent. You have a great flock and it loves the kittens. Commentaries: Are you interested in thumbnails under 30"? Wouldn't exclude a stallion from looking the way I like it.

Had horses all my years, even colts. Draughty. I was looking for something to fall in with and take good charge of my big steed. Our little pony has eaten a baytree. A blade would slay a little steed. A big steed would be with him or next to him.

Commentaries: Commentaries: Commentaries: Commentaries: Commentaries: At the moment I own a young miniature colt, but when I came across your Falabellas, I also fall in Love with this race and they are something I definitely want to include in my show and later stud-programme. There are some that I have noticed and I hope they will still be available in the near term and I can buy one of them.

Commentaries: Commentaries: For several years we possessed and breeded Falla's, our principal mare was "Toyland Dorita", she gave birth to 2 great fillies, a fillingy and a stallion foal with nice crests. This is Toyland Fallabella's. Commentaries: Commentaries: Her horses are simply exquisit! Well, I really adore the springboard and the grella cloaks. Andalucian look horses.

I would try to get the Andalusian/Spanish conqueror influences if I were to raise Falabella. They would be great show horses! One of these days I think I'll be a Falabella mother and that I won't be able to come too soon! Commentaries: Commentaries: Marilee Star is a beautiful filly.

I' ve got a filly that's part of Falabella. I wish I had more like her. Commentaries: You may want to buy another Toyland animal. Luckily I owned four beautiful Toyland Falabellas and would now like to introduce a beautiful Appy filly to my flock as a prospective stud for our unbelievably beautiful, noisy Letopard Toyland sire.

Commentaries: I' ve found the most gorgeous Appy's of all times here. Commentaries: There' s something I really want. Commentaries: And I' m about to own one. Commentaries: He is 18 years old and the WUNDERFUL Miniature/Falabella I have ever known.

Loving him in bits. Commentaries: Hello, I adore your Falabellas! They' re wonderful. I like all your horses. It is my fantasy to have a filly by Toyland Falabellas one day! They' re completely gorgeous! Commentaries: Commentaries: I' m honoured to become a fancier of falabellas and I do a lot of research on my first trip.

Many thanks for your help in getting to know this beautiful race of miniature horses better. May God be with you, comments: I' m looking to buy 1 or 2 minihorses soon and am hoping to find one from your site. if you can mail me some information that will help, I appreciate it very much.

Commentaries: Very young, but great exterior and nice drawing. Comment: Make sure you like your horses, we have some wishes, I could buy one of your broodmares to get the line-colour. It'?s so pretty! Commentaries: Commentaries: Commentaries: Our particular thanks go to Laurie Stevens and Laureen from Toyland Miniature Horses, who have given us so much effort to inform us about the marvellous horses of Fallabella and miniature horses in general.

We' re also thankful for the horses she has raised and marketed and which have made our life so much richer. Commentaries: We are looking forward to own some of them. Commentaries: Commentaries: I' VE GOT TOYLAND REGGIOLI FALABELLA ER 17 AND MY STALLION I WANTED TO SEE WHERE IT CAME FROM.

Commentaries: Commentaries: Commentaries: with our big hounds and Iceland horses. We' re looking forward to adding one of your wonderful colts to our programme one of these days. They' re wonderful! We' d like to come by for a little trip, if that's possible. Commentaries: Commentaries: Hello, I like it, on your side my only sorrow is that we are so far apart.... We have a few Falabellas with your breed and we like them in pieces... I feels like a child in a candy store, when I'm here and I know where my pence is going to be issued, should I ever hit the lottery!

Lovely share, adore Falabella AF Relampago! Commentaries: Lovin' your devotion. Nice mini skis. Commentaries: Commentaries: She was breeding females before she started to breed Falabella miniature horses and it turned out that The cat Lore came to fame in the cattery. Now she has also achieved this with her Falabella miniature horses, that???s, what happens when you take her on.

Commentaries: Hello Laureen & Laurie, great website and beautiful horses. Thank you for your help & advise also with PMHA registration, comments: I' ve been a fan of the whole house for over thirty years and have nothing to say except I have loved her! All they do with such diligence, honesty and professionality.

It is my pleasure to come to the farmyard and see with my own eye what is in their everyday life. Hat off to Toyland! Commentaries: Commentaries: I' ve known Laurie and her daugher Laureen since I was in junior high. They have been dedicated and knowledgeable Toyland Miniatures users since I saw it first hands.

I' m proud of them, because they have developed their miniature horses from scratch and have been very successfull for about 30 years. I' ve heard Laurie on the telephone innumerable occasions how to buy, grow or establish a farming company myself, and I don't know anyone who is willing to convey the knowledge she has acquired from the shop and who is ready to become a mentalist.

Fallabella line is such a lovely line of horses and they have such a great natural environment for them. You like humans. Commentaries: and I have a few mini's of all our little stallions, all our little pink Pinto's, my little stallion is a mixture of falabolas. Commentaries: Hello Laurie and Laureen, we like the website - we wish you a great year 2012!

Commentaries: Commentaries: Commentaries: At WesMon Miniature Horses we are proud to be the owner of four Toyland Falabellas. They are beautiful and big in combination with the surprisingly soft natural environment of these little horses, making them a true delight in our cattle. We' re looking forward to many good things that come from these miniature wonders.

We have our first Falabella filly this coming this spring and we can't wait. Well, we can't wait. No. To Toyland and the Falabella of the world! Commentaries: Commentaries: At the same and the same epoch Laurie and I began with the same importer in Central Florida and traded renowned horses like Chianti II and El Rey.

Commentaries: Commentaries: Lovin' your horses! Commentaries: Laureen and Laurie, the days I got to know you and your wonderful horses have brought about a great and joyous transformation in my joyous lives. Dear, Comments: Congratulations to Stephanie Frieje, owners of Toyland Micro Magic and Danielle Hill, trainer.

We' re very proud and humiliated of the results of the Toyland Micro Magic Reserve Championship in the AMHA NATIONALS. Let's go to Toyland! Commentaries: Commentaries: Hello, Laurie and Laureen! They have a nice flock and I think Angelica Falabella should be very proud of what you have done to improve her line.

You not only like every one of your horses, you really take good charge of your clients! Commentaries: Commentaries: Commentaries: New Toyland guestbook!

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