Local Equestrian Shops

Regional equestrian shops

The Tack-Shops are great places to look for local horse sales and events, and used items, as many have a knowledgeable owner and a billboard! Tock Shops Stack shops offering a wide variety of equine grooming and stables managment equipment, stacks, riding gear, shoes, horse food and litter. Tremendous places to look for local horses for sale and event, and used equipment, as many have a knowledgeable owners and a bulletin boards! The results shown here may also cover stackshops with on-line establishments offering a nationwide services.

1992 the business was relocated to a new 5,000 sqm large facility. Further growth in unit deliveries, with the local Pole shipyards becoming an important part of the retail business. Tally Ho seriously switched to Stack & Apparel in 1997, together with Food & Litter, Food Additives, Barn Furniture & Vet.

In the future, we will provide our clients with the best possible product and service and develop our new website into the best on-line commodity resources for all areas of equestrian sports. Local, please visit the store.

A good selection of horses' litter from chips, straws & chips, rapeseed straws & weeds. We deliver blankets & blankets for these sludgy areas, have a complete assortment of barn furnishings, trays, troughs and hardware. Worm, a broad palette of equine additions that you can buy on-line.

30-5 & Sat 8. 30-12. 30, click on our website, go to our store, call us. They are also the principal dealers of all the big equine fodder makes and also provide a large selection of equine litter and equipment. Sue & Tochter Mandy deliver everything for horses and riders with a renovated store in the old parlor.

1000's of equestrian clothes, calipers & accessoires, bridle, bits and head bands, horseshoes, horseshoes, horseshoe groom, first help, food, feeding equipments and electrical fence, saddle room, farm & stables acc., utensils & articles. Apparel size from 2 to XXXXL. Have a look in our online store and if you cannot find what you are looking for, we will be glad to help you.

Wm. McIvor & Son is a private company that has been involved in agriculture and equestrian sports for over 50 years. In the third generations we have shops in Bishop Middleham, County Durham and Northallerton, North Yorkshire which enable us to market farm, animal and horse fodder, litter and accessories throughout the North East of England.

There is a large selection of horses and riders and anything we do not have, we will do our best to get for you. We' re open every single working days except Sundays; please check our website for opening times and keep an open mind for our on-line store which will appear shortly.

Stables Saddlery & Feed Shops is a small company founded in 2004 when it opened a store to service the local riding world. Peter, his spouse Izzy and his boy Andy are engaged in all facets of the farmyard, as well as the harvest of raw material and the harvest of grass for the store. There is a growing inventory to meet almost everything for horses, riders, stables and yards.

In case you cannot see it when you are visiting the store, please ask one of our very supportive staff, and if possible, we will collect it for you. It is open every Sunday except Sunday 9.00 - 17.30. We' now have a small stockpile for your pet. Deliveries can be made from the store, but only on site for a small fee.

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