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The Atlantic Shores Riding Stables is committed to creating an atmosphere that is safe, fun and enjoyable for your family. Riding in St.Lucia on our lovely horse for $65 with Stores Stables

ATLANTO SHORE's Riding Stables offers an exciting riding experience for novices and advanced horsemen. On our beloved seaside trail, we take you along wonderful paths and stunning views before you go to the beaches, where you can take the liberty of hiking or galloping your horse. When you are looking for a quiet environment to spend a personal riding trip with your friends or relatives, please call us.

The mission of Atlantis Shore Riding Stables is to create an environment that is secure, entertaining and pleasant for your and your group. We have a great schedule and our nice personnel and nice horse are looking forward to show you a great stay in St.Lucia. Our enthusiastic leaders like to be with others and share our passion for St. Lucia and our horse.

You will be provided with well-trained mounts, professional hiking leaders and certificated riding gear. We' re open and adaptable for a tailor-made trip. We' re very happy that we have so much free time and nice country for riding. You will never find our drivers in a group trip.

On our riding trips you really get in touch with the countryside. It is the best choice for beginner and advanced horse riding or for those who want to relax and take a leisurely break. It is a unique experience combining the mountain paths, the near Bananas and our famous beaches. It is a personal trip that' s great for those who want to take part in something more.

Discover the majesty of the islands like no other from a faithful horse on the Stables ABC. This is the only equestrian centre in St.Lucia that offers such a diversity of hiking itineraries. Situated in an area of over 450 hectares of picturesque hills, planted with bananas, rolling pastures and two wonderful horse-riding sands.

Let the stunning scenery impress you as the Atlantic wind blows through your head. Trot through the sea waves, gallop up the hillside or take a relaxing walk while enjoying the tranquillity of the day.

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