Long Horse Riding Coat

Riding coat long

All of these characteristics are present in long riding coats or carriage coats that remain in place with inner leg straps. I' ve never seen a raincoat that could cover everything a long rider needs. Riding boots I am a big fan of Mountain Horse hiking / riding boots. Deutsch Show Coats & English Show JacketsEnglish showcoats for dressage and hunting jackets.

Lightweight, waterproof riding jacket

"If it' s raining, and I mean really raining, there's only one coat I wear, and that's my Muddy Creek Rain Wear. It' simply the best wet equipment on the market." If you need an extra large body - no problem! Combine a Wallet with your coat for ultimate comfort.

Just unroll your coat and put it in your own chantle bags so you can take it with you when and where you go. Muddy Creekers! This overcoats are specially large in size to make sure you, your precious bike and any other gear you carry are cover.

Muddy Creek Long Waterproof Riding Raincoat protects you from all weathers - from top to bottom, from front to back.

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Horse riding jackets, air jackets and show jackets

We' re specifically leaving room in the front of your top bust so you can lower your jaw, which is the first thing to do when you have to drop and curl from the front. Airbags won't keep you from respirating. Inflating very quickly and tightly on the torso, our adults' air bag model gives you a beautiful embrace and this constriction significantly minimises overstretching and flexing of the thigh.

Of course, the thrill of falling lets you breathe, but it has nothing to do with the bag itself. In order to ensure the proper function of your driver's inflatable jacket, carry out an inspection every year: 1.

After inflating the air bag, the cardridge must be exchanged for a new cardridge of the same volume. The air bag takes 5-7 min. to be fully vented, which is considerably accelerated by screwing off and taking off the jerrycan. Immediately after the crash, you can release and take off the air bag.

No. You may not carry the Zip'in air bag under your garments or coats. Riding gear over the Zip'in air bag can hinder the air bag's natural unfolding and delay inflating times. First select the Zip'in air bag according to our table of sizes. All you have to do is select your favorite height, according to your preference (close-fitting or large cut).

You are advised never to use a smaller one than the suggested one. When you have made your selection, you must always keep the same air bag in the same format, e.g. a Zip'in air bag of format I must always be used in combination with a suitable external format II.

It is recommended to wipe with a mild towel and soap or baby wipes (no cleaning agent, product can change the fabric). Do not place your Zip'in air bag in the dryer, on the heating or next to a heating element. If your air bag is cleaned, keep it in a cool, damp-proof place.

Between 20 and 30 kg is the pulling power needed to release the air bag, according to its dimensions. When riders forget to let go of their horses, they sense a lot of excitement on their jackets before the airbags are released. Yes, as long as the air bag is in good shape (no punctures, cracks) you can reuse it.

Please inspect the air bag when changing the cartridge.

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