Looking for a Horse to buy

In search of a horse to buy

If you buy a horse, it's a big decision. You know everything you need to know when looking for horses for sale? You should know how to use a horse and what kind and temperament you need before you start looking for it. Give the horse a try, try it again, ask many questions. You go home and think about it for a few days.

Things you should consider when purchasing a new horse

Purchasing a new horse or bangs is thrilling, but it can also be an exhausting adventure to make it right will prepare you for a long and prosperous relationship with your horse, but if it goes badly, the outcome can be expensive in regards to your horse's timing, financial resources and emotion.

To help you through the experiences, we have developed some tips to help you get the most out of your horse tours. When you look at a horse, make sure you know what you are looking for and be prepared to do a little investigative work; first be real and sincere about the kind of horse you want to find.

Consider whether you want an older, more seasoned horse or a young horse for production. Draw up a shortlist of the perfect criterions your new horse should fulfil, e.g. size, ageing, attitude to work. When you want a horse that is secure for the whole familiy, don't buy this'pocket rocket' just because they whined at you while you were running on the farm..... stay on your heels!

When the horse you are interested in has already participated in contests (British Eventing, Britisch Dressage, Britisch Showjumping etc.), you should be able to find a trackline. You can call the appropriate clerk for reference if you were part of a riding club, a pony club or a hunt.

Awareness that if the horse you see has always been rode by a pro, he may well be used to the idea of being placed on the right step on a picket line and not so used to self-pick. It is difficult for some people to get used to riding in a different way.

You can use the checklist below to make sure you get the most out of your visit; take a good look at the horse before it is pinned to judge its worth. Touch his feet to look for anomalies and see the horse running and trotting to see how they are moving.

Observe the horse in normal daylight, the horse looks better at nights in artificial sun. The expert friend" - Take with you a boyfriend who knows your horse back and your wishes and gives you an accurate idea after trying out your new horse. Ask your boyfriend to make a videotape of you so that you can use it as a reference if you try several different ponies.

Allow the horse a good test run. Once the horse has been observed by the salesman, the horse tries to rid the horse in as many different surroundings as possible, e.g. in schools, chopping, outdoors and it is always a good way to make sure that the horse is lucky to be leaving his friend and leaving the farm alone.

It' very likely that the horse has been well trained for your visit, so remember that if it is a little chilly or alive, it will probably be even more when you take it home to its new area. Verify the horse's pass to make sure that the horse or bangs are what they say they are!

Have your'potential' horse examined by an unbiased veterinarian to ensure that it is suitable for the job and that you do not have to experience any expensive surprise when you bring your new horse home. Once you have found your ideal horse, it is a good way to schedule his coming; organize a system of assistance - the first moment with your new horse will set the tone for your relationship so that you can make it as good as possible.

It' reasonable to let a boyfriend drive with you for the first few hacks you've hacked. If this is not possible, you can have your new horse in the first few days in the Livree, where you will have help and someone to horseback riding while you get to know each other.

The development of your new horse's routines is essential for acclimatisation - find out as much as possible about the existing routines so that you can make gradual changes. If you have any suggestions for feeding your new horse, you can call our caring line on 01908 22 66 26 to optimally nourish your horse and help you together with your further avenues.

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