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The Dakota would be an excellent trail, play- or grading horse. If you are looking for a good, solid horse, take a look at the horses we offer for sale. In search of something that can be an educational pony. I'm looking for a draught horse breeding team. I' m looking for my Missouri Fox Trotter "Cody".

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Would you like to buy or adopts a new one? Have a look at the latest offers of free horses (free for a house) and horses for sale. Use the dropdown list below to select the offers or do a more targeted look. They must carry out any necessary, appropriate, careful or reasonable examination, research and due-diligence in respect of any list drawn up by the users.


Are you looking for more travel times? It is an ideal way to practise the abilities acquired in class. There is a great rental programme with our very tolerant horses. A weekly course is necessary for all tenancy agreements I, if these do not match what you are looking for. She' s very calm and reasonable, although everything is new to her.

I' m more looking for a godparenthood for her. Anyone older or child who is just studying who wants to give her some affection and go for a brief, simple, peaceful drive would be her ideal match. Sure. She' s not only beautiful, but also very cute and calm. A great equestrian training equestrian training as a first rental contract.

3-handed appendicitis gelding, although beginners for sure, really needs an intermediary to get the best out of him. Likes to horseback riding, but also show jumps, training and west riding. Favours his own personality, our teaching programme. Rent only. Recently Ranger signed up to our programme and we are happy that a gangster is part of our group.

Ideal for teenagers or small adults to find out more about gait horses. Sammantha is for sale or for rent (on the farm). Best suited for advanced riders as she is well-practiced. Two years ago I purchased her as a teaching pony.

However, it is too sporty for our programme, which consists of begging and begging, so it was rented until recently. Nowadays he lives around the clock with 3 stables and 2 other horses, is subservient, down in the working-order. $1,500 for sale or rent for up to date catering in a beautiful establishment with interior ($500/mth) and footwear.

We simply don't have enough timeframe to get it going with a full class and workouts. Little Mac" is a lifesaving and projectman. We' re not a salvation, but just a big-hearted pile of horses who felt the need to help these horses.

Now he can let off steam with other horses and likes to snuggle up and enjoy playing with them. He' s a complete cuddly beetle and likes to be cared for or just hang out. He' s breeded in Egypt, so he is the characteristic, prudent, avid rider who is so classical to these outlines.

He was launched under horseback, but really needs an advanced + horseman to train him on the rope, but thinks everyone could start riding him as soon as he has more mileage. Might be an awesome match for someone looking for their next one.

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