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Here you will find popular dressage, jumping, Olympic and eventing DVDs for every horse lover. I' ve got the cuff with a picture of my horse, wasn't a great picture didn't know if it would work because it's from years ago, but she has done an excellent job loving it! Kids usually love something they can enjoy. I love this great idea for your horseshoes and photos. Equestrian gifts such as equestrian themed articles for the home are something you can buy or trust.

Presents for horse lovers who love candles

This horse candle is the ideal gift for horse lovers: British horsemen, horsewomen, occasional horsemen, coaches, and women who love them. Newly mowed Hay Bale, pure crunchy pinewood, fly-spray inspiring lemonella shoo Fly, sweet feed and tack box. Each fragrance is available in 8z. bottles of recycled and 6oz. 100% recycled travelling plugs.

He was an event rider for many years, he fought and coached as an English rider for almost 20 years.

Horses, toys, jewellery, accessoires

Gifts, playthings, toys and more for the young horse-loving girls! Every months your young horse enthusiast receives a pack full of charming horse-related objects, among them tools, jewellery, readers, colouring book, poster, handicrafts, home and more! Our company creates funny, inspirational and instructive gifts and accessories for children who love a horse.

If they love her, they love her! Our goal is to make children love these children and at the same times educate them with the aim of promoting succesful, cheerful and smiling people!

Let the horse inherit a bequest.

See the notable story of how the gifts we gave in Wills allowed us to help animals like Wilma, shown on the right. We' have published a wonderful brochure entitled'A Passion for horses....', which contains information about our work and some of the animals we have coached. We' ve put this together with our new and inspirational video documentary "Our Horse, Our Work, Our Heritage", which we are hoping you will want to enjoy with your families.

Should you have any queries or would like to obtain a copy of our heritage booklets and DVDs, please call us on 01953 497 239 or fill out our on-line request for quotation forms.

Father's Day gift horse textbooks that your father hasn't yet finished.

Would you like to know of a good script to give to your father on Father's Day? You' re in need of help and I just happened to have a small pile of them. No one is particularly costly or complex, but everyone talks about a convenient, long-lasting and meaningful relation to the horse.

Some of these have links to non-profit organisations that do great things for the horse, so buying the book (especially directly from the organisations' websites) will have a second use. Antique-Friends Standardbreds by Ellen Harvey, shot by Barbara Livingston; Messenger Press 2014, $30 hard cover, with 153 full-color photographs; "coffee table" oversize.

I smiled when Ellen Harvey said she was writing a novel about pensioned race horses. So when she said that the story was taken by Barbara Livingston, one of my favourite marksmen, I just said "Sign me up". Years passed and I almost forgotten, just as I sometimes almost forgotten trotting.

And then a horse or horse or a reminder comes out of nowhere and I am remembered why I like these animals, these humans and these things. In the USA, the race goes on, maybe a little below normal speed, but you wouldn't say that if you were there.

Thus, an exquisite coffeetable textbook seems to have an additional meaning: to reminds us how beautiful these beautiful animals and the sports are and perhaps to awaken the memory of a well-known horse racing, a well-known horse or the excursions to the farm fair we used to soak up. and Livingston went all the way to Sweden to involve Mack Lobell.

You went to Maine to compete with a standard horse and a fox hunter on the sands. Excursions to California and Florida - and many other places in between, such as the renowned Hanover Shoe Farm. Not only did they find the ponies, they found the tales. She knew the ponies already. It was Barbara who knew exactly how to turn and incline her camera's objective to catch the corner of friendliness she showed us for the first time in her early Old Friends novels of older thoroughbred cats.

She' s always getting the best out of a horse. It puts the celebrity winner right next to the ugly loser. It was Harvey who chose her for her storyline potentials, not for her money gains or blood lines. In Maine a winner of his training follows a well-known horse with an uncommon sexual drive. Thought it was a textbook I would browse through for the images and then sat down to reading "sometime", but I was thrilled from the first one.

Harvey's wonderful fiction tells the language of tableware in its entirety and puts into relation the story of Standardbred and the blood lines of super stars. It makes these ponies cosmopolitans and not only role models for their race and their game. Some are ridden and belonged to by amateur riders; on the pages of this volume they are desired, begged, offered, purchased and marketed.

Years passed until one year Barbara and Ellen showed up with tapes and long objectives and went to work to record the tales of where happy and beloved ponies land in their last years. They have long jackets in winters and apple trees in summers; many do not lead a life of luxurious living and there are no candlesticks in their stables.

However, they are beloved by their owner, by the supporters who recall them, and by anyone who flicks through this work and sees them in their softer, wiser, old-eye. It is a wonderful document, like the horse in it, and our relationship with the forefathers we love will improve over the years.

Accompany Ellen and Barbara to a box marking and promotional session on July 4 at 11:30 a.m. at the Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame in Goshen, New York, where Barbara will be talking about the stallions in Standardbred Old Friends. Ellen and Barbara can both digitally mark your copy of the copy of the book that is for purchase if you don't have it yet.

Standard Bred Old Friends can be bought on-line at the non-profit Harness Racing Museumin Goshen, New York or by phone at 845-294-6330. Alternatively, please e-mail the writer and editor Ellen Harvey at or call her at 732-616-6092. The price per volume is $30 plus postage.

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