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But my daughter needed a new piece for her breeding horse. Low port Western Futurity Bit. Low Port Bit The low port creates some tongue relief.

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Mollen bits and low port curbs exert minimum strain on the taste buds and tongues. Since most of the intraoral force is exerted on the oral bar, this dentition is regarded as relatively milder. The mouthpiece measures 5", low bits have 1" connection. Purchase 3 FES, Robart or Billy Royal Bits and get 10% discount!

Mull bits are bent to give extra room to the horse's mouth, leading to more reed release for more comforts. Moulded pieces are regarded as gentle pieces. The low port kerb chisels are also mildly laid out. Our range of horses is ideally suited for younger horses and horses with delicate palate.

Others make good transitions when changing from a conventional bridle to a shaft bite. Lower bits press directly on the parallel bar. There are different kinds of Mullen and Low Port kerbstones available from FES, Myler and Robart? Information on the measurement of Westernbits can be found on the detailed pages of the products.

Of FES we have different types of Low Port and Mull Bits. Its cute, iron-poor willow teeth are light-weight and apply moderately palatal compression and lingual rest. Aluminium, which is sweep back loosely cheeked, gives the horses a sign that the queues are comin. Cinnamon with a layer of brass increases sensibility and stimulates saliva flow.

Horses with a delicate palate can use the Mullengebiss, a good transitional dentition for horses that used to use conventional bridle pliers. It' putting a lot of strain on the rods of the jaw and your reed. A further change from bridle chisel to shaft chisel is the swivelling drill with loosely formed, shallow jow.

He has a soft lower connection and exerts downward force on the ingots. Avoid pinching the corner of the horse's throat. West articulated port/roller mouthpieces are ideal for workout as they promote suppleness, flexibility and flexion. Either side of the teeth can work independently, and the brush does not tweak the horse's cheek.

We have the Westerns South Iron Mill Hen, Little Box. These teeth can weaken the jaws of a well broken animal and exert direct strain on the wands of the jaw. They have a soft copper-inlaid ferrous tip that stimulates saliva flow.

Proported oral styling relieves the strain on the reed while exerting force on the reed. Bent nose piece and port remove the tension on the tongues so that the horses can gulp well. The main characteristics of the Robart long tool include the possibility of working each side individually and an innovating styling that prevents crushing of the cheeks and jaw.

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