Lunging Equipment for Sale

Longe equipment for sale

Longe equipment, lunging whips or lunging lines. Longe equipment of top brands from Weaver or Abetta. SmartPak shop for lunging equipment for your horse. Longe equipment, lunging whips or lunging lines. Longe equipment of top brands from Weaver or Abetta.

lungeing equipment

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S├Ąttel David Dyer - lunging equipment

To work in perfect harmonious conditions with the rider; to convince and suggest, and to help the rider find his optimal equilibrium and pace. Nelson Pessoa, in designing the training aid, recognised that all of a horse's major back muscle must be free to reach the required equilibrium and drive. Pessoa Training Aid encourages this ethos and thus helps to develop the back musculature of all our equines.

In the ideal case the work with the Pessoa training aid should start at a young age. Pessoa training aid should be progressively implemented into a working regimen, beginning with walking, then trotting and eventually, when the horses have established themselves, galloping. Pessoa training aid works best when used on a regular and short-term basis.

Pessoa training aid provides a variety of adjustment possibilities. Bottom position isolates the horse's back musculature. Attention: The training roller is NOT part of the delivery.

Accessible horse training aids & lunging equipment

Equine trainer & lunging equipment offered by fast tack direct. All of us are agreed that it is important to educate a horses in such a way that it is able to work to the best of its abilities. In addition, we provide a whole array of equine exercise equipment in this area. This includes lunging rein, lunging roller and capessons.

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