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lungeing set

These innovative lunging sets are a must for every horse owner! Buy from the world's largest selection and best deals on Lunging & Training equipment.

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Lateral bridles, which are mainly used to eject a horses, are a means of educating a horses in harnessing or simply a means to help a horses gently heat up. The Decathlon offers a large selection of side leashes and other riding gear for lungeing (or, if you are US native, for lungeing).

You will see a number of side rein and exercise equipment such as lunging lashes, lead rope sections and pulls. Now you can get the right thing for your horses from Decathlon's riding collection.


A must-have for every equestrian enthusiast! Provides a full workout program to enhance the overall performance and muscular growth of your equine as part of a comprehensive workout program. This kit includes: The Chambon will help your horses to reach forwards and downwards, which especially reinforces and mobilizes the back and loosens up the entire torso of the horses.

Feeline facilitates dual elongation and long stretching and can be used differently according to the horse's level of sophistication. Feeline length has been designed with care to facilitate handling when lunging the horses in a circular movement. It' also handy when you lean back behind the saddle for a long time, but still allows you to be at a secure range.

Due to the fastening clip it is very fast and simple to fasten and release.

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Resilient side straps supplied. Sturdy, hard-wearing, 1 " broad Polypropylengewebe with flexible use. Roco clasp and swivelling triggers cap. Bridles are variable. Aerorn Large Longier capping fence. Schwarze Rolle. Assemble the practice roll and snaffle as normal for lungeing Start to adjust the Pessoa by putting the fuzzy sleeves under the tails and attaching the first triggerslip to the top ring of the roll.

It is a cushioned lunging roll made of high-quality PP fibre reinforced polyester fibre with D-rings and a circumference that is fully detachable or can be adjusted on both sides. Sturdy, durable 1" broad Polypropylengewebe with flexible use. Roco clasp and rotating triggerslip closure.

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