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At Caracal, we are a new British equestrian apparel company that offers a unique approach to traditional equestrian apparel. Riding apparel, accessories and horse equipment. Riding apparel, accessories, dog products and services for horse and rider.

Italians Luxus...from Vestrum Riding Clothes

The Vestrum equestrian clothing and accessoires come from the combination of the designer's love of the equestrian environment and a thirty-year history as a professional modedesigner. Meticulous research into the material, the selection of colors, the technological value and the style of the collections are aimed exclusively at an exquisite item manufactured with high production standards and rigorously Made in Italy.

VESTRUM's aim is to differentiate the VESTRUM trademark by turning technological convenience, prestige material and aesthetical emotions into instruments for a sustainable competitiveness and differentiation edge, products and accessoires that narrate and characterize a desire that goes far beyond mere sporting activity and characterizes a way of life. Teresa is the publisher of Equilife and is really devoted to equestrian work.

Delivery of the best equestrian clothing and accessoires in the worldCavalleria Toscana UKDelivery of the best equestrian clothing and accessoires in the worid

Headquartered in Essex, Four Seasons Equestrian is a family-run, high-end apparel company managed and established by Natasha Bowman, Cavalleria Toscana's exclusive UK Dealer. Natasha runs the website not only in studio fashion, but also in Cavalleria Toscana's exclusive home studio for home owners, bringing the company to major equestrian venues across the UK, such as Olympia.

Katasha traveled to Italy to visit the Toscana Cavalleria shop, where she loved her clothes. Apparel presented on this website by Cavalleria Toscana is part of the exquisite clothing line created in Italy. Alessio Meoni, head of design at Cavalleria Toscana, makes sure that every item is carefully meticulously checked and adapted to the driver's needs.

We also collaborate with the best Italians on each and every one of our designs. However, the brand's origins are rooted in the glamorous glory of the sport of polo. Jumeirah Culu Culu Polu Lifestyle Resort and Cavalleria Toscana are also supporting the Argentine master Indian Chapaleufu II Polish champions. Tuscany Cavelleria sponsors some of the best horsemen in the equestrian scene, such as the 2012 Ranking Jumping Event Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, Marcus Ehning, Daniel Deusser and Isabel Werth, to name but a few.

The Four Seasons Equestrian is the first and only Cavalleria Toscana store in Great Britain. The Four Seasons Equestrian was also the first in Great Britain to present Tonino Lamborghini's equestrian facility.

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