Mag E for Horses

likes E for horses

Horses find it difficult to absorb magnesium in the dolomite. Kohnke's Own Mag-E is the perfect complement for working and moving horses to supply a well absorbing type of magnesia as well as vital vitamins E and B vitamins to support nerves and muscles. After 4 years of testing on several thousand horses, Mag-E is an innovation. A high content of Mg - whereby most of the "organic" aminos acids (yeast chelates) are provided, which reach the optimal absorbance at the absorbing points as "amino acids shielded" comlex.

Naturally and synthetically produced E vitamins - correct low nutritional values to guarantee optimal muscular and nervous functions. Vitamine B 1 (thiamine) - to compensate for deficiencies in the nutrition of workhorses nourished with cereals. Depleted leaven as a nutritional supplement to keep working, travel and competition horses functioning normally.

Kohnke's own (425g. 1kg. 2.5kg), additions

With Kohnke's Own Mag-E you can be sure that your horses receive one of the most science-based, high-quality and safe formulas. The Mag-E® is incorporated directly into the system, enabling it to be efficiently and effectively assimilated without competing with or interacting with other mines. Mag-E has a higher bio-availability, which increases the natural intake of magnesia so that neurons and muscles can be stressed with this important nutrient, thus preventing negative impacts of decreased intake of magnesia by the competitors of small intestines.

The Mag-E® product also contains other high-quality components that make this complement even more efficient, among them anti-oxidants for nerves and muscles, which have been covered with oils for optimal absorption. Mag-E®'s characteristics are incorporated into the muscular cell, which in turn support the repair and prophylaxis of damages to muscular fibres and neural ends.

Mag-E also contains synergic, sedative components and a basis of digestion soothing agents to soothe horses that tend to have a jittery, strained belly. Mag-E is more efficient and preserves the horse's intestine. ag-E® has been tested in 1000 horses in the fields to make sure it is secure and efficient.

Contains no chemical or affects your horse's overall well being when feeded over a long time, does not cause abrasion/diarrhoea and is very palladable.

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