Man Riding Horse

Ridinghorse Man

""No, you can't ride on the freeway."" Constabulary grabs drunk California man for riding horses on the freeway California Highway Patrol sent an uncommon news on Twitter this weekend: "You can' t go riding on the freeway." This was warned early Saturday night when the agent said it had detained a drunk man riding the 91 highway in Long Beach, California, about 20 min south-east of Los Angeles.

Condemned, 29-year-old Luis Alfredo Perez of Placentia, California, was arrested for 1 a. m. and asked to complete a soberness test, according to the police, who said his blood-alcohol levels came in at more than twice the legal limit. cf. the law. "You can' t get your horse on the highway, and certainly not when you're drunk," CHP told us early Saturday and shared pictures from the show.

"We' re getting a smile out of the interesting situation we experience from case to case," the company added, "but one thing Chip doesn't do is fool around with DUI". According to the Swiss Police, the horse of the man in question, Guera, was fired "almost immediately after his arrest" to the Perez family. He said that "lately it has received a great deal from the common beasts on our city highways", but was no longer described as the weirdest thing it has ever seen.

They reacted with a slight note to a Twitter subscriber who wrote: "CHP is probably gone, now we've seen everything".

Motorway man apprehended for drunk driving

One man was arrested and detained on a DUl boot earlier Saturday after he was spotted riding a horse along a busy Southern California highway, officers said. Santa Fe Springs County of the California Highway Patrol has announced on Twitter that the couple have been sighted on the 91 eastward leading highway in Long Beach, just South of Los Angeles.

"We get a smile out of the interesting things we meet from case to case, but one thing Chip doesn't do is'horse' with DUI," the patrolling precinct on Twitter used. Law enforcement published pictures of the man's detention, with the horse watching the scene.

"No, you can't drive your horse on the motorway and certainly not when you're drunk," the cops said. According to the KTLA, the horse was finally discharged to the man's dam, who quickly came to the crime site after the arrests.

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