Mane and Tail Brush for Horses

Mane- and tail brush for horses

The Tangle Wrangler Brush is a unique, long-lasting brush that works gently to prevent hair loss and breakage. And for our show horses we have to straighten our hair. Easter Mane & Tail Brush Evaluations on this website reflect the experiences of the various contributions. None of the articles published in the press section are accepted, edited or endorsed by us. Rather, the ratings are part of an on-line fellowship of pet owner who want to exchange their particular experiences with other people.

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Soft touch mane & tail brush

Synthetic hairs with a round brush on a long brush, perfect for the mane and tail of your horse..... Work your way from bottom to top through your horse's tail. That brush worked very well and I'm very glad I got one. I got this for my granddaughter's barbershop.

Excellent. lrene H.

Brush for manes and tails

The horses on our pastures need a unbundling instrument that helps us to "sort" their curls without much harm. Every day we need help shaking saw dust and hay from our horse's tail. We need an efficient but friendly brush that slides through mane and tail after shower.

And for our show horses we have to straighten our back. Forty of our products have been tested and assessed for efficiency, usability, ease to clean and cost. We' ve added a large number of general plaster sweepers to see which are suited for menes and cocks.

Vidal Sassoon's real brush #7008KM, which worked well as a brush for horses and was simple to clean and maintain ($2), was the best purchase. Also we liked Dover's Mane and Tail Brush #1036 ($3.90), which had polybrushes on one side and iron fangs on the other and Tail Tamer's Deluxe Paddle Brush, which was quite beautiful but expensive at $9.15.

Vplast mane combs from Importer Direct are a powerful, simple combs with a value of 89? Each of the three types of brush has 3" hair. They are good for shaking flour, hay and powder from a mane and tail. Though they are only conditionally suitable for mane/tails, we like the Wright-Bernet Black Knight.

The combination of Palmanayra with tampono or bulb fibres makes these tufts ideal for removing soil quickly and placing a damp mane. For $4.21 we like the Sparta English Style 158 and its price. Big, rigid filaments are quite hard for a mane or tail that you want to spoil unless you want to tap off silt.

Compatible with mane and tail filaments, the filaments can be used for smoothing without damaging. Favour the full height here. Champion Winner's Circle 204 is our favourite brush in this group and, like most Champion Brooms, is available in five thicknesses. Maguire's Groom-Rite MB29 Dandy Brush is ideal for shows because it has an open grip that fits in a backpack.

They have a similar role to horsehair brushs - they smooth and refine a neat, unravelled mane - but we favour horsehair. Like the smoothness of the marked filaments on Decker's Grip-Fit #34 ($5.77). Those were smooth filaments; perfect as finishes, but you don't want them to brush through mane and tailhairs.

We' re a traditionalist and like the beautiful wooden log and the 100% horse hair brush. Sparta Brush Co., Inc.

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