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Broodmare Horses for sale

Horse Mare For Sale in Ohio - Horse for sale. Horse Mare Quarter for sale in Ohio. Allow me to introduce the wonderful mare Azalea. The GORGEOUS, UPHILL, FORWARD dressage gelding for sale. She' a sweet little mare with a lot of heart.

Broodmare - Horses for sale

The horses on sale are all microchips, have passports and are ANCCE ( "PRE Horses Association") and OCA (Spanish Department of Agriculture) certified. Andalusian horses (PRE or Lusitano crosses) are all microchips, have a pass and are officially certified by the OCA (Spanish Department of Agriculture).

Sophie takes charge of the entire organisation of examinations, x-rays, transportation and transportation documents. Homepage

LUCERO ", the new owners of the Dutch warmblood gelding, bought on 8.9.2018. Cameleon Horses and the new owners of the Dutch warmblood gelding, "Templar Knight", bought on 8.8.2018. The new owner of the Canadian warmblood gelding "Inkan Tribute", UlterraEquestrian/Ranches, acquired on 8.8.2018. A Brynne and the new owners of the Dutch warmblood gelding, "Reverence", bought on 8.8.2018.

Mac's father is Milky Way by FS Mr Right out of a Dornik B mare. The Bourg├ęs du Rouet, b. June 1, 2018, connects a renowned trio with a powerful set of show jumper legend, like his father "Baloudu Rouet". He is a father of great importance. It' now or never, HW has the same father as Valero, the famed Negro!

The father of the Olympic Games, the World Equestrian Games and World Cup Champion Valego, Nego, has reaffirmed his value as the father of top dressing talents. Niggers progeny have proved again and again that they have the knack for FEI work and he is currently in eighth place in the WBFSH ranking of youngsters.

His progeny have an extraordinary gallop, an energetic hind leg and a knack for collecting. Because of the extraordinary qualities of his descendants, Negro was honoured with the sought-after Preferant Statute by the German Kennel Club (KWPN) and was..... The ForFun HW is by the renowned stud For Romance - the embodiment of a pattern-breeder - and out of a Voltaire motherline, which has had great sucess.

His gallop and jog can only be described with the best of both worlds and his personality is remarkable. The 9th 25 for his jogging and riding, the 9th 0 for his approx.... It is a mare foal! and she couldn't be more beautiful! big fire and 4 high white top prospects for young horses by Rascalino (Rotspon/Velten III) out of the import Hannoverian mare BowlingH (Danone I/Gibraltar).

Darling H is homeozygous for the dark genes and can therefore only grow brown or males. And Rascalino is also dark, so the chance of a young generation is high! Father Rascalino Rascalino is a wonderful Rotspon's brother, b. 2001. First in his test with the astonishing marks 8 for charakter, 8 temper, 8 readiness, 8 exterior, 10 for Trob, 9 gallop, 9 step,... Sonderpreis!

Marrighan - beautiful young horse from Fabregas (Florencio/Deniro/Latham) out of the foal Early (Sir Sinclair/Paddox/Ferro). The pedigree is full of greats! The Morrighan has 3 proper springy gears with the amazing "Florencio" gallop and Sir Sinclair temper. The Morrighan will make a young horse very lucky. It' a CloT! beautiful deep cove with two hind stockings. Cut out of the face!

It has an extraordinary aura, a great motion with hind legs working perfect under the centre of focus, an amazing gallop and excellent temperature control. The 0s for trotting and galloping in the end test, 9. 5 each for personality and motivation and 9. 25 for rideability: basis fin.....

The colour probabilities are either brown, chestnut or other. At the Verden Approval 2014 Bon Coeur was a prize-winning colt, another great achievement for our new stud. "This beautiful sire is an extraordinarily strong and energeticover.

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