Maroon Horse Halter

Horse Maroon Halter

() Maroon (V) Purple-custom order (U) holder fleece to prevent friction, or accessories such as replacement crowns for your horse halter. Rawhide classic braided rope holder for horses. Chestnut brown with brass fittings, adjustable nose and replaceable larynx. Paisley Equine Elite Brown Holder. Equine Elite Horse Argyle moustache holder.


Sierra Horse Halter is a new kind of halter for the workout and correction of the horse from the beginning or in case of usual difficulties with conventional holders. The SHH gives the horse the opportunity to "reset", because it has to stop what it is doing and think about a new and different response.

Another advantage is the nice earset that these mounts use. As soon as you use the SHH, it will be the halter you achieve every second. Taste the "Better Holder"! Sierra Horse holders are available in 5 sizes: Small (grey for Paso Finos, Arabians and young horses), Medium (Maroon for Quarter Horse,Tennessee Trekking Horse, Fox Trotters, etc.) and Large (Black for Andalusian and sport horses) and customs holders for draught and others, which have a slightly different composition.

Please use our table to define the size of the custom halter.

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Soft-Rope-holder with plaited noseband

Nosebelt Color Selection #2: Current stock: The ¼ " halter ropes are a must for all horse lovers and coaches. The halter is made with our smooth Fidor knotted Fidor cable and has no fittings to snap. The halter is sturdy yet small and yet small enough to keep under the bridles, in the pouch or in the saddlebag.

This halter is made of flexible knitted cord and has the nose band woven with para cord. Partacord is for decoration only and does not give the halter any firmness, as the halter does not need it. The parakord, however, makes the nose band somewhat stiffer, but not stiffer.

I' ve got a variety of multicoloured and monochrome colours in para-cord to offer, so let your fantasy run wild. A woven nose band is useful for children and novices who have to fight with the knowledge of how the halter runs on the horse. In the USA, all our ropes are bound and split from ropes that are also made in the USA.

We proudly use the best kind of ropes for riding. Made of 100% 100% braided 100% braided stranded polyesters, which is also used by all top instructors and clinicers. Further information about our top grade polyester cable can be found on the page "About our cable". In case you would like a bespoke halter, please indicate the 2 dimensions from the chart below in the comment field during the order process.

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