Medium Weight Outdoor Horse Rugs

Moderately heavy outdoor horse blankets

Impressive swimming ring seat in the outdoor pool. ComFiTec Essential Combo Neck Medium. The VioVet range includes a large number of light, medium and heavy turnout carpets. Even with combined turnout carpets including neck fleece or simply the standalone carpet. Cuddly Pony Blanket Standard Medium Quilt.

Buy 5' 0" Horse Turnout Carpet sizes

Medium, Heavy, Lightweight or No Fill Horse turnout overblanket. Galloop Trojan 100g Standard Turnout Blanket 771 Outdoor Horse Turnout Rugs Size 5'0" This great value for your pocket is the ideal carpet for on the go. Blanket laundry. Select between 0g, 200g, 350g and 450g. 5'0" Masta Turnout Blanket Tri-Vent 5,0

What carpet should you use?

Like us, dressage and riding are a pleasure, not too warm or too cool and not too moist. It is for precisely these motives that horse blankets have been created to give the horse the comforts and the luck it needs. There are all the places a horse can regularly go to in the countryside, in a trailers, in the stalls or perhaps on a horse show.

All these places have very different climates and meteorological factors, so it is important that your horse is "dressed" accordingly. Switch carpets available. All of the weighting is developed to help the horse keep a pleasant heat as the season changes. Heavy-duty turnout carpets are a matter of course for the conservative season, medium-duty for the fall and early season and light-weight for the summers.

It depends on how cool the climate is, what kind of weight is needed. Heavy -duty carpets are, as you would expect, best for extreme coldness, in combination with a sturdy carpet, you can also use a soft carpet to keep your horse hot.

Medium-heavy stable carpets are best used in colder climates where the temperature does not freeze (as this carpet would not keep your horse hot enough), but also not soft (as this could mean that your horse is too warm). After all, Lightweight stable carpets are built for gentle temperature, because although the horse doesn't really breathe too chilly, it still needs a little heat to keep it comfy.

Reflectors / Reflectors are intended for the summer to help your horse or bangs keep free of flying and soot. As well as keeping your horse safe from flying and debris, some horse enthusiasts also opt for a handkerchief to avoid getting sunburned. As the name "Coolers" suggests, fleece blankets are used to keep a horse or bangs cold after training.

They can also be used as EXTRA WARMTH under a standard stable carpet.

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