Medium Weight Turnout Blanket

Intermediate weight turnout ceiling

Keep your horse warm and dry in this iconic, waterproof soft blanket. The light blankets are suitable for use on rainy days in mild climates. 1200D TuffRider Outer Armor Medium Weight Turnout Blanket To exit this roundabout, please use your speed-dial button to move to the next or preceding headline. "You will find here an simple way back to the pages you are interested in after looking at the detailed pages of the product:"", "htmlList":" " ", "subnav":" ", "wishlist":" ", "cart":" "}}}); }).

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You should never again be paying for an equal one. This medium-weight blanket is a must for the mid-season. If a light blanket is too thin and a conventional soft blanket too hard, your mare needs a trade-off. It is the centre of the street, protected from the cold.

Broad spandrels allow enough room to romp around in the winter or to make an early dawn role for your horses easily and effortlessly. Well calculated, this crossover is a welcome enrichment for your horses when the forecast is unforeseeable in autumn or early springs. Inexpensive soft blanket for warm climate zones.

The blanket is long-lasting and robust and is ideal for hotter winters. It'?s a lovely blanket, but it?s a little big. I usually wear my 80-81 and I think a 78 would have been a better fit. Dear, oh, dear, dear, dear, dear! I like it how it feels and how it keeps my baby hot!

I' d suggest this for anyone looking for a good blanket, especially something to keep on a not so fleecy or clip-on horse for those cool summer nights! P.s- for those who wonder, my mare usually carries a 76in blanket (16.3hh TB), but the 75in still suits just as well!

You should never again be paying for an equal one. Copying the website URL from the equal products showing the lower prices.

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