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Buy our wide range of riding helmets for beginners and advanced riders. You will find your perfect riding helmets from brands like Charles Owen, Troxel, Samshield, GPA, Ovation, Tipperary & more. Jodhpurs for men, women, children and more. How to fit a helmet for riding from the Certified Horsemanship Association.

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You will find your ideal riding helmets from the likes of Charles Owen, Troxel, Samshield, GPA, Ovation, Tipperary & more. Horsemen of all background and level of knowledge appreciate the advantages of a high-quality crash protection. Light, luxurious and well vented, a riding hat gives you the certainty to concentrate on the challenge you may face, rather than think of your hat to distract you.

There are several choices available, such as training, trailer and show helmets to suit your needs. No matter if you want to change your old, used helmets or if you buy your first one, we have the right one. With our ratings from astzon, you can make the right decision for your new riding hat.

We have just the right thing for you with our range of riding helmets for men, children, children and women. The flat hat has central front and back vents meshed, while the sides are lined with our unique leather-look material. With four unobtrusive vent openings for additional convenience during use.

Preserve your headgear and show your colours! The One Size is suitable for most British and West European riding helmets, as well as Troxel, GPA, IRH, International and more. Sight pocket over helmets with built-in edge. The majority of our helmets are also available with a built-in synthetic face shield.

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When it comes to your favourite breeches, don't think twice about wearing them out when they start to get thin or maybe show a little too much wastage. Do you even think about how old your hat is? Now may be the right moment to buy a new one.

While preparing to mark the 8th anniversary of Riders4Helmet's International Helmets Awareness Day, we would like to give a big applause to all those who do not think twice about put on a hat before they swing their legs over a ring. You are the ones who know that the use of a hat can help decrease the chances of a fatal brain lesion.

However, if you have wore helmets most of your lifetime, you may be the guy who simply picks up the same velvet padded hat that came through your youth riding years and on your grown-up classrooms, because.... well, it's "collapsed" and more comfy. However, the use of a hardhat that has exceeded its efficacy limits may not completely safeguard you as an upgraded hardhat can.

Do you know that in general headgear makers advise to change the headgear every four to five years (earlier according to the degree of use)? Remember all the work you do in the seat - the litres of perspiration, clouds of dirt and soaking from the rain take a heavy toll on your headgear and cause the polystyrene inside to collapse and reduce its protective properties.

When you had an crash while you wore your headgear, no matter how small it was (i.e., your forehead was just hitting the ground), this can decrease the efficiency of it. Damages to the headgear may not be obvious to the unaided eyes, so it cannot be assumed that there is no problem after a plung.

Any disastrous event can of course make a hard hat unusable and lead to an immediate change. If you are going to buy a new one, take care to ensure the correct fitting and date of production. You should always try on helmets the way you would do when riding - if you want a roll, you should carry a roll, if you want a pony tail, you should carry your head in a pony tail - then go shopping.

Please also verify the date of production on the inside of the shell, no difference if you buy new or used. Be careful when buying a used pair of helmets, as the damaged one may have been caused by a prior event you cannot see. Do not think that only kids or beginners should use a certified harness - there is no statistically related degree of difficulty and probability of injuries when it comes to horse riding.

One can even have a disastrous wound if one falls from a stationary one. When you like to think with your mind, take a few moments to look at your mind first and wear the right protective clothing. HOW TO RIDE A RIDING HAT BETTER THAN A BIKE HAT! Riding helmets board consists of riding pros, end consumers, producers and test laboratory team.

Riding helmets have been specially designed for riding competitions and the test is specifically designed for the dangers that can occur when riding. Naturally no hardhat can prevent all possible dangers. Principal difference is the cover of the crest and the kind of test tables.

On the basis of the test line in ASTM F1163, riding helmets must offer more headgear, especially in the back of the skull. Bike helmets are primarily intended for protecting during forward movement, so there is more front and side cover for the helmet. Riding helmets offer the same front and side shields, but also a lower back guard for a crash, which is likely in a riding tournament.

Riding helmets include a dangerous ambos test that simulates the hooves of a horses or a hard cliff. It is the sharpest and the main cause why most riding helmets have a tougher shell than the microscopic shell of most bike helmets. While most helmets cannot withstand the thrill of a rider, they can fall apart.

It is a very demanding period to cover our ponies. One good way to change your ponies in this kind of climate is to use a Bucas Sunshower Sheet. Have you had a place to horseback all winters to keep yourself and your mare well? Establish a good fitnes plan for your equestrian and equestrian for a period of at least 30 to 45 days.

It is a good moment to check your horse's feed programme with weed. I think with a little bit of endurance that we will soon be enjoying some beautiful riding speeds and weather...just in just another day for flying seasons LL. It is the period of the year when we want to find the ideal present for everyone on our mailing lists.

Stable mates, trainers and lovers of the horse. Most of us are quite preoccupied, I think, struggling to find enough free space for all our companions and our loveds. Perhaps "time" is the solution. So how can we find a little more space every weekend to spend sharing our passion for the horse with our mates?

You can also spend a little more of your life with ours. Perhaps the best present would be to give something of our age. It' riding with a boyfriend we haven't been with in a while. It' good to have a good meal or a cup of tea with some horse-loving buddies in cool conditions when you can't go horseback riding.

It' not enough to take care of your own equine animals or, better still, some free and easy care of your own equine animals in a sanctuary. Whatever you are spending your holidays in this tourist period, we are hoping that it will give you a lot of rest and pleasure and hopefully full of nipples, inclinations and hot mouths.

If I open the big thick rider catalogues we all get every 3 month, I always check if there is more than one side of the frustration that is the men's line. However, I hated it when I feel lost when it comes to riding attire.

There are more manly drivers than me, Phillip Dutton, Steffen Peters and McLain Ward. We as " men " often seem to resort to the extremely inexpensive, extremely costly or try to get clothes for other disciplines to draw dual obligation as riding clothes.

This was how my quest for riding clothes followed, which was "Just For Men", which took more than two trips, was convenient and should not tempt me to a small credit. that Goode Rider even had a male line. For years, the ladies of the equine kingdom have raved about their clothes, and look.........

The Goode Rider hadn't let us men down. So I was the proud new owners of three great articles that are "Just for Men"; a couple of Goode Rider Mens Jean Riderbreeches for every single days. This is a couple of the Goode Rider Pro Mens Full Sea Tree Blanks, as it's the beginning of the show saison and my new show brees are not as bright as they used to be.

Last but not least a new item of outerwear, the Good Rider Mens reversible vest, because the end of winters and some chilly nights are still with us for a while and really two different jackets in one, so I have been saving my wallet (or at least that's what I'm saying to my wife).

It is one thing for a business to make objects for men, and it is a very different history when they pass the test of the times, especially stable age. After taking all these objects with me for a few turns in the arenas, I can say that Goode Rider is onto something and I can't expect to be sharing my experience with a more detailed account of every Goode Rider object and the other men options.

United States has worked tirelessly to develop a programme for juniors and youngsters. For the 14-21 year old young horse handler the FEI Junior and FEI Young Rules. FEI Junior exams are equal to the third stage and FEI Young Driver exams are equal to the Prix St. George.

Junior testing can be performed by drivers aged 14-18 and Young Rider testing by drivers aged 16-21. In the USA there are two major competitions which are either for or aimed at enabling juniors and young equestrians to take part in these competitions and win domestic and foreign trophies.

Junior and Young Rider have the opportunity to participate in the North American Junior Young Rider Championships (NAJYRC), an annual horse discipline championships that allows North American equestrians to come together as part of a squad and fight for an individually tailored award. The United States is divided into different areas for training, and to participate in this competition you have to be qualified at tournaments that are classified as "qualifying" by the USEF.

Then the four best drivers from each area will be selected to cover this area and the USA at the NAJYRC. On the next morning the single stages take place, in which the single drivers fight for their own titles and medals. The last of the days, the drivers who placed in the top twelve will be competing against each other, allowing each driver to co-ordinate his or her movement to the sound and fight for the free-style award.

A further championships is the Festival of Champions, where juniors and young riders can also qualified as single riders. While you can qualified as a Junior or Young Ripper, for this competition you are only fighting for a single victory. The show is only for the United States, so the championships winning trophies are winners of the nation.

At the end of the qualification period, the twelve best drivers in the country will be the first to be selected for the show. Having grown out of the junior or young rider, the next stage is an "U-25" horse, which drives the FEI Grand Prix for young people between 16 and 25 years.

It allows Grand Prix-level drivers to rival other drivers of their own ages. Brentina Cup" is a young rider nationwide competition designed to motivate youngsters to make the switch to the Sen. Grand Prix ring. It also runs nationwide hospitals for US trainer George Williams and Charlotte Bredahl to attract and train more young people across the nation and to find talented youngsters for riding who can then be trained.

Each of these championship and program is designed to motivate drivers of all age groups to participate in competitions and to hold championship competitions where they can rival the best drivers in their division. United States has recognised the importance of giving young people the right foundation in training to create prospective US World Champions.

Do you know that the mean number of trauma injuries in equine racing is more than seven fold as high as the number of trauma injuries in contacting racing (e.g. US football)? That' s an annual death toll of 60 in equine racing. The Center for Disease Control states that a concussion is a kind of trauma (TBI) inflicted by a shock, impact or jerk to the forehead, causing the mind or mind to move quickly back and forth.

If this happens, your mind will jump or spin around in your mind and damage the cerebral tissues, causing changes in your cerebral chemistry. and long-standing eventers. Since most crashes can occur when you are not at a tournament, most of your cerebral convulsions cannot be diagnosed. "Such things are happening all the while and most patients will generally not go for treatment unless they are very symptomatic," says Dr. Chambless.

They encourage coaches, trainer and horsemen to ask these kinds of question whenever a colleague rides off the back of the cow. So where are we going today? Where' s the last place you showed your mare? What is your horse's name? If an athlete goes back to the backgauge before he has fully recuperated from a cerebral convulsion, a psychological condition that increases his chances of long-term or lasting problems due to a cerebral convulsion.

Is a helmet able to avoid a cerebral convulsion? As legal helmets can decrease the likelihood of a fatal brain injury while saving your own lives, they do not forestall any brain convulsions. Helms are engineered to restrict the kinds of powers that cause cranial fractures and innercranial bleeding, the things you are killing or leaving you with neurological issues.

Yah, those of you who are horsemen have already understood! My horse's scent calms my spirit. When I take up the bristle and make the circling movements to remove all the mud from my horses, I realize that my "to-do-list" and my sorrows also seem to wipe away.

Well, life's not ideal, and neither is my vault. So, I have to drive slower, work through every node, (maybe a few out..... don't tell my horse). will be slowed down and works through every lump with patient who finally untangles lumps.

Knots after knots. To no longer break the egg in the watertrough, run through drifting snows to persuade my steed that it's finally decided to come in. but I' m looking forward to not having to put on my 20 coats under my winter suit just so I can spend as much of my life with my horses as possible.

I' ve got to pretend my mare thinks the same way. Willing to get out of the cold and move to a light cover of springs! for the contemporary cow. Let's face it, our ponies are not rectangular with 90 degrees angle....... Our ponies are fashionable, classy ponies that have nice turns that must be handled with care and respectful.

Bucas Sun Shower blankets honour all horses with their Bucas Sun Shower shoulders to provide an outstanding and frictionless cut. There is no need to fear that my stallion gets too warm, because the netting keeps the wind circulating under the ceiling, so I know that my stallion is not perspiring.

" It' great to know that there is a rug that allows my stallion to relax and fully experience it!

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