Mens Tall Horse Riding Boots

Large riding boots for men

The only choice for the demanding rider of today. Men's field boots are worn by hunters/jumpers, fox hunters or eventers. Wellesley Tall TuffRider ladies boat. There are short riding boots with zippers or laces, or more traditional English and large men's riding boots, depending on your riding style and needs. There are short riding boots with zippers or laces, or more traditional English and large men's riding boots, depending on your riding style and needs.

Wellingtons for men

Men's boots are ideal for regular classes, hospitals or demonstrations. Men's boots are carried by hunters/jumpers, chestnut fighters or eventing athletes. It can also be carried in training. Men's boots are high boots made of high, dark brown calfskin with laces over the back of the feet. These laces allow the horseman to bend the knuckles and lower the toes, especially when riding with the short stapes needed for the jump.

The boots have an additional coat of hide over the toes. It is often necessary to use boots with a hook when wearing a non-zippered boots. The boots need a boots-foot. Our range includes men's boots from Ariat, Ovation and TuffRider.

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