Micro Horses for Sale

icro Horses for sale

Most of the horses are AMHA registered and most are either registered or can be registered with AMHR. We' re constantly adding new miniature horse articles, pictures, information, events, miniature horse sales and more. The Blue Sky Miniature Horse Farm has beautiful miniature horses to see, ride or buy. MICRO MINI AR Shire x L. Elkjer******* Tiny and powerful*****.

Cattery and show of double registered AMHA/AMHR miniature horses.

Horse for sale

PLEASE USE THE INNER SCROLLBAR TO SEE ALL HORSES FOR SALE! A 10% non-refundable down payment keeps each animal for 30 nights, unless otherwise arranged. A fee of $3 per person per night will be charged after this timeframe until the horse(s) is/are collected. Full reimbursement is available if a stallion is hurt or died before collection.

Discounts can be granted on several horses. but I recently DNA-printed her and she came back negatively on whipped cream. No. From right to top of the picture she had a beautiful brown stallion foal in 2013, a beautiful brown stallion foal in 2014, a brown filly in 2015, a brown filly in 2016 and a deerskin foal in 2018.

She' s always throwing beautiful colts. She' s only for sale because I'm keeping her 2015 filly. No. Updat: Giselle gave mother to a chestnut stallion foal with a cut on her nostrils on April 25, 2018. is a Buckeroo grandchild! She is a very well compound horse and she will give my flock more blacken.

In the picture from top right to lefthand High Expectations had a beautiful 2011 foal, 2012 a foal, 2016 a completely dark foal and 2018 a bleckskin foal. Also her deerskin mare foal is for sale. Up Date: High had a breathtaking suede mare foal on March 25, 2018.

is a Buckeroo-Grandchild! Darmond's Summer Girl 30" Height: 34" For the first availible! He has homozygot checked for blacks, wears a copy of the SW-1 splash and is LWO+ (frame overo). I' ve only got it for sale, because my flock is rather on the smaller one.

On the upper right his 2016 filly can be seen. He also had a stallion foal, a copy of himself, to an outside broodmare in 2017. Now that Larry is for sale, I have been breeding him with some of my favourite broodmares for 2019. For the first the Hot Flash is for sale!

Hotshot Flash is a beautiful and brave complement to my cattle. She has two big blueballs. Your fillies 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2017 are shown in the order above right. On July 29, 2014, Hot Flash had her toothless. It is a small spotted goose, as it does not bear any creme or silvery alga.

She' s got a black eyeball, four blankets, a red asterisk, a cut and stains in the blank on her back. 75 " big, beautiful, silvery apple check horse, a sire of Chief Lil Britches, but not registered. In June 2012 Shena gave me a breathtaking foal out of Lil Whiz.

In 2014 saw the foal of another breathtaking foal by check. There are two photos above of their stallions 2012 and 2014. In 2016 Shena had another foal and now has one at her side in 2018.

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