Micro Mini Horse

Mini Micro Horse

Several of the world's smallest miniature horses roam the hills of Little America Miniature Horses in Buda, Texas. You' ve heard of teacup pigs and miniature horses, but did you know that there are also little seahorses and chameleons? Growers of the smallest Tiny Miniature Pet PIGS for sale. In a small package, what comes with all the qualities that people love about horses and is easy to handle and enjoy? Miniature Horse - Birthday parties, birthday parties, ponies, miniature horses, miniature horses, Indiana miniature horses, Indiana.

Miniature Little America Horses | AMHA registerd miniatures for sell, Buda, Austin, Texas

We' re a small, family-run horse ranch in the centre of Texas, just South of the Texas capital Austin, on the outskirts of the famous Texas Hill Country. There are over 190 exceptional minature ponies in Little America. Little America is one of the leading breeder of minature ponies licensed to the American Minature Horse Association (AMHA).

Well-known in the coastal horse business, with Hawaii and Alaska included, our horse has been sold to Russia, Australia, England, Belgium, Scotland, Thailand, Costa Rica and Mexico, to name but a few. Nearly all our ponies are present, so you can do the whole trip from the comfortable home.

The fillies are usually abandoned within twenty-four hrs of childbirth, and you can usually see images of several generation of many of them. We' re very proud of our pedigree, which includes some of the most prominent blood lines in the business and stretches over fifty years! Unless otherwise indicated on our sale pages, all our ponies are sold with a guaranteed maximum of 34inch.

Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD) are also available from times to times. See if we have any if you need a guide for your horse or an outstanding animal for your pleasure. Alternatively, you can visit our National Grand Champion Stallions pages, where every National Grand Champion Senior Stallion of the AMHA is shown since our first National Show.

Recently this site has been extended by all National Grand Champions and is a historic miniatures lover's market! Our Historic Stallions, where you will find images and information about many of the race's legendary horses, are also of great interest, especially to the students of the blood lines.

When you are just trying to explore a family tree of one of your pets, or just want to see some of the "original" thumbnails, take some extra patience to look at some of the historic stallions. Rates are subject to alteration without advance notification and the withdrawal or addition of a horse without advance notification.

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