Micro Mini Pony for Sale

Mini Micro Pony for sale

Miniature horse breeder, for show, work or as pets, gentle, intelligent, good for children, miniature horses and miniature horse shows. HERDING REDUCTION MOST MINIATURES FOR SALE, VARIOUS PRICES GOOD HOUSES A MUST! For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. You are invited to visit our stallions, mares, foals, horses for sale and competition strings! At the moment we do not have any horses for sale, but please check from time to time if we still have something available.

Small thumb ponies for sale

Shetland 7 year old miniaturized son by shetland. Andchipped, bon à faire de toutes les façons. It will be added to the list of..... Apple Apple is a beautiful Miniatur Shetland weanling foal for sale at the age of 6-month. She is a pretty little filly..... What a beautiful sire!

Andwinner' by BZ District multichampion Chuon Rusty's little Tim andwinner' Banshée. Small micro-miniature farrows, mom and dad are in the photos. They are our smallest sows and therefore the ultimative micro-kids...... Good-natured, good-natured kid, nice actions, delicate body. As a result of my pension I have 5 minature daughters and a horse mare for sale.

Broodmare (only 2 broodmares remaining, plus stallion). 7-year-old 7-year-old bay 32 inch foal recorded with imphps real 7-year-old bay both passport and microchip sale by slicing numbers all simple..... 2 years old registred and with imphps, this little boy is a delight to own, he is treated very well and restrained, very affectionate.

Pretty little ponies are great domestic animals,..... Eclipse under 32" 4 year old 4 year old breeder Eclipse is good to do in and out of the barn, Clilip invites and travel with mares or sires. It is customary Indie, with dressage and..... Two thoroughbred aboriginal americans over! She' s of Tim the rusty little Chiwood and by Micato' s mercy.......

Passport, chip and current worm/farrier. Breathtaking, fully amha-registered 2 year old gelding. Beautifully grown from..... With a little more than 31 slightly shown foals, winner horses at the South-Cerney-Schau and altogether.....

Sady Oaks Miniature Horses Breeding of Miniature Horses 30 Inch and below

The Shady Oaks Minature Horse Ranch is specialized in very small, minute minature cattle. We have all our ponies listed at AMHA. Most of our ponies are for sale and are available in different colours: deerskin, coves, black and colours. You can see several generation of our ponies on our yard. So you know what you're getting.

We' ve got stallions for sale! AMHA Miniatures are sorted by horse colour and height. You are a member of a long line of minature pony breed, not a pony. We' re going to keep our flock below 10 so that everything is for sale at this point in the game.

There are several broodmares and studs for sale, so that everyone can buy a "real mini-horse", not a pony or a midget. For newcomers to the minature equine sector and to learn more about minature ponies, please check out our Mini Facts page to find out how to buy a minature and what to look out for when buy.

We' ve put together some information about the maintenance of small animals. For more information on the maintenance of miniture ponies, please visit our mini-maintenance page. Are you looking for a small animal? If you are logged in to the American Miniature horse registry, you can't goofy. We can arrange door-to-door deliveries directly to your farms or houses.

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