Micro Miniature Horse for Sale

Miniature Micro Horse for sale

All the enchanting mini-horse facts your heart could ever desire are here. The VFM Miniature Horse Farm has many excellent offers on Miniature Horse For Sale. Possessing miniature horses can be fun as long as you have the information you need to be prepared and care for their special needs. A very loving and very small pets for show, breeding or backyard babies. The Blue Sky Miniature Horse Farm has beautiful miniature horses to see, ride or buy.

Knapp's knee-high miniature ponies

Knapp's Knee-High Miniature Horse Farm is situated in lovely LaPorte County in northwestern Indiana near Lake Michigan. In the autumn of 2003 we began this very modest venture with the acquisition of a broodmare to carry (she was not) and a weaning colt. In the following year we bought a very pregant broodmare - I was decided to have a colt this year!

Though I would like to have more ponies, I think this is a good number for us, because 1) I don't want to rush my ponies and 2) I want to be able to enjoy almost every single workday. Working in a vet hospital about 25 lessons a week, so I am very occupied between my work and the ponies!

It was a good time for us to see old and make new ones, but due to the decreasing number of people visiting, we chose not to have an open hut in 2015. Meanwhile, we are happy to have a visit, by arrangement.

We are interested in producing high class miniature ponies that combines the sophisticated physique required by the miniature horse breed with great exterior and spot colours.

We are interested in producing high class miniature ponies that combines the sophisticated physique required by the miniature horse kingdom with great exterior and spot colours. It was our good fortune to choose a number of high-quality broodmares and studs for our stud programme from US breeder. They are the mainstay of our pedigree and offer our customers nice and proud owners, whether they are planning to show one of our miniature ponies, to raise it or just to have it as a family.

Through the addition of extraordinary foreign ponies we continuously enhance our breed population. At present our stud is made up of 35 chequered ponies, of which about ten premium colts are bred every year. It is a specialised, selected breed that allows us to spend the best possible amount of leisure with each horse and to respond to its own needs.

We produce tobacco, chocolate and chocolate check samples (a mixture of tobacco and overo). With a high level of pedigree pinsto in our line of several generation of pints, we ensure that our customers will receive extraordinary pedigree animals in the fuutu... Several of our ponies have been gay for spotted, blackened or both.

They can only bring forth spotted, dark-haired or both spotted and dark-haired foals, according to their gene. Interested customers are provided with the necessary documents for gene lab tests. Now that the available information has increased, we are trying to test our horse for more genetical colours and pattern. We have AMHA certified all our ponies.

Every horse is DNA'd, and all of our colts are pedigree qualified. They are something really unique for us and we know they will be something really unique for you. Glad to receive your attention for our miniature ponies.

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