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History of Mike Mountain Horse

By 1917, the standard officer was of English and German language, but Mike Mountain Horse was not an ordinary one. Member of the First Nations Blood Tribe. He was a member of a military lineage, and after working with the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) in Lethbridge as a scouts, he enrolled in World War I in 1916.

In part, Mountain Horse came forward to take revenge for the loss of his brothers - Albert, who was wounded on duty in 1915 and later dying of injury - but above all because he backed the cause. A number of local troops did not know English and showed their own warriors' ethics at the forefront by omitting shouts of conflict and putting good-luck charm on their outfits.

Returning home, Mike Mountain Horse was recognised as a Blood Tribe heroes, acclaimed at solar dancing, powder wows and big entrances. Nothing happened to them when the local troops came back from the fighting and were released; they went back to the refuge. However, Mountain Horse's work with the NWMP means that the Korean society also saw him as a veteran and involved him in the veterans' fun.

Perhaps his appreciation was more common in the Korean whitewash than the appreciation other bloody men had. The Mountain Horse has captured his wartime experiences in a truly original way. Mountain Horse painted important happenings he had witnessed during the Iranian Revolution with a cowskin gown on a screen.

Reviewer Mike Mountain Horse on Indian writers

The Mike Mountain Horse was borne in 1888 and passed away in 1964. Mountaineer Horse has written My Peoples, the Bloods with the help of Burkitt and was later published by Dempsey. Mountaineer Horse was a Christian, but he was very proud of the past of his tribe. The main focus of his work is the story of the tribe.

Mike Mountain Horse on-line resources: Who was Mike? This is a very brief history of Mountain Horse, which includes a photograph of the school's website. Mike Mountain Horse : Standoff, Alta, : Blood Tribal Council, 1979.

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