Mini Bridle


Huile Légère Cuir Western Poco Bridon Ferrules Silver Ferrules Mini Cheval Shetland Pony. MINIATURE SADDLE HORSE WESTERN BROWN LEATHER BRIDLE HEADSTALL WITH SILVER. The same bridle style that comes with the complete, comfortable harness. These sturdy, comfortable training harnesses consist of bridle, side reins, surcingle and crupper and were developed to train your new horse leader with ease. The silver tips and conchos make this bridle a unique and beautiful mini bridle for small riders.

harness - bridle only, Mini-Draft

The Brahma Web bridle consists of bridle and snap hook. Manufactured from stable Brahma Webb, and engineered to exercise your new rider with lightness. Harness sizes include: We have been producing these bridle moves for us for more than 20 years and they are made to last.

For coloured harnesses, please allow 3 wks. Please be aware that the image of the products is our genuine prototypes, as it is the best colour to represent the machine. While our browny Betas are a nice, smooth tan - there is no reddish-brown options; thank you for your comprehension. If you have any queries about the belt, please call us.

We' d like your pet to take the survey before shipping large quantities. Just submit a photo of your workout tableware in use and we'll see if we can use it here on our website!

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Your web browsers are outdated and are no longer support. Invoice $49 or more for selected horses and get free UPS shipment. Made from sundown crockery leathers, this single-layer Weaver leather mini skirt bridle has wheaten seams on the headband.


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