Mini Cob for Sale

Cob for sale

Acknowledged and revered for their size, miniature horses are most likely to be bred from Shetland's stock over centuries. FSALE *** Two identical colts will make a beautiful pair. A miniature horse rescue dedicated to the well-being of all miniature horses. Ensure that you meet the minimum requirements before buying a miniature horse: Mini-horses do not live in the house.

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Sell Elsa 12. A beautiful ride/show/drivety would make a beautiful ride if it..... Because of the amount of hard work and the amount of work involved, we make a hugely sorry choice, but we sense it comes along to find our bangs a new home that can give them the amount of care and attentiveness they deserve......... I offer my son for sale with a heavier mind, I have had him since he was 3 month old and had to make the choice to let him go, he is 6 years old.....

There are too many dressage stallions and not enough spare hours, so we are looking for someone who wants to share the farm with different people. Part of the credit is for our 12. 1hhh lumpy Dartmoor Hill bangs....

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The Risk Factor's new logotype, created by Heather Jane! These registers will record gypsy-pony' s under 13 h. We specialize in 10hh PUREBRED Mini Gypsy Cobs / Gypsyonies. These sizes distinguish themselves as a pony for humans of all age, as a pony for kids and small grown-ups, as well as in holster categories, obstruction categories (hand rides, ride rides or children's rides) and as an adorable horse for families.

GHRA/GHA registers all our gypsy ponies with the GHRA/GHA group. hazard ratio Winch Champion! 11.2hh Risikofaktor won Champion Driver with Coach / Trader, Tasha Byerly! A warm welcome 10.2hh Mini Rose! We' re proud to buy the smallest Mini Gypsy filly in North America!

Mini-horses in Iowa - Maple Hollow Farms

For over 20 years we have been breeding full sized and miniaturized ponies. We' ve got a beautiful flock of show grade minature ponies. You can also buy show grade show ponies. There are two sites because our subsidiary has its own group of ponies at home.

We welcome our guests by arrangement and are looking forward to introducing newcomers to this great race. If you have any question about the race or our ponies, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

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