Mini Donkey Tack

Minidonkey Tack

The donkey saddle has a back strap for the abdominal belt and can accommodate stirrups and crupper attachment. The Targhee Miniature Donkey Packsaddle - The best value for money in an inexpensive packsaddle for your Mini. We' re here with ~ Clothing, Tack, Equipment & Accessories. You will find miniature donkeys and horses for sale.

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All your mini tack needs: Offers a large selection of thumbtacks to match your thumbnail ass. Show holders, riding gear and covers; we can deliver all your mini tacks. While we have a small in-house inventory, we mainly specialise in catalog orders, please note Triple L Manufacturing Inc.

Everything from horses, cattle, bridles or gear.....

New Sawtooth Leather Mini Donkey Saddle

No one else makes a mini saddle like this! The Sawtooth pack saddle is the top of our range with its uncompromising shape, fitting and functionality. Constructed to appear on the pitch, but it will look just as good if you can exhibit it in its cave or on its mini in the procession. We' ve been shipping these semi-trailers all over the USA, but also to Germany, Australia and other world.

It' often used by hunting people, visitors to the show, date holders and the like. Available also in a synthetical model. With real chest neck, buckle and webbing system. Principal ingredients are 8-10oz veg-tanned matigo or dish leathers padded with 3/8" woollen felt. You can also customize this seat for any kind of pet.

If you are interested in an individual saddling work, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Originating from the Mediterranean Sea and Sicily, they can be bred or rode by small kids. Miniaturesels like the Miniaturesel must be less than 36" (or 9 hands) and between 32 and 34" on board, you will also find many smaller ones than those shown.

Whereas the donkey used to be divided into many different races, today most donkey races are crossed and are exclusively categorised by name. Besides thumbnail asses, there are also regular and giant butts.

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WELCOME TO CHIMACUM TACK Our horses tack set is specially conceived for draught horses, minature horses, VSE, donkeys, mules and horses. We have a range of riding tacks that include bit, bridle, collar, shames, evening riding, drawstrings, mini holders, mini shoes and drawboots. You are invited to view our complete range of harnesses, individual and group harnesses, work harnesses, parades, amusement harnesses and exercise harnesses.

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