Mini Driving Harness


Miniature horse in a harness. Last Christmas I got a mini donkey and immediately started training her to drive. Leather Premium Harness with Tie Ends. An adorable children's book about very special miniature horses that drive.

Horse harness miniatures for sales

You will find below thumbnail harnesses and related articles for Amazon and eBay sales. In the United States there are two large associations of minature horsemen, the American Minature Horseriding Association (AMHA) and the American Minature Horseriding Registry (AMHR). AMHA demands a body size of 34" or less from its licensed breed.

AMHR has two altitude classes, with Division A and Division B being 34" to 38" high and lower. The driving of a minature animal in harness is very common among many minature breeders. This is a minature in the harness.

This is a minature pit sacrifice in a harness.

Mini Biothane Mini Driving Gear

Every harness is equipped with bridles and leashes, harness and waist strap with tail strap and buckle, breastplate, tracks and driving bits. Also available with quick-release restraint or closure strap, plus $45. Connection of shanks and clamps for closing via quick-change snap locks. The belts act as a braking device and prevent the coach from hitting the rider.

Made entirely of high-grade high-grade stainl... Wherefore use a Beta-Biothane harness? Biothane is the most powerful product on the market. Lasts longer than leathers or nylons, with little to no care at all. Fittings made of high-grade high-grade steal, which do not corrode at all. For your horses - heavier than leathers, waterproof and bacteria-proof.

The Biothane is more convenient on your horses than any other material such as leathers or nylons. Every harness is made individually and is available for every race and every dimension of the horses. It is also ideal for horses that are difficult to fitt!

Only for Minis

The Hartland III has been resized and modificated to contain a couple of mini. Shown on the lefthand side is a mini mix hunting car. Eagle Bird-in-Hand reduced for mini. Shetland Pony and Shetland Horse are acclaimed in America for their variety and enormous appeal. They all have a uniquely personal character, from beautiful domestic dogs to unusual show cats.

An adorable children's textbook about very particular minature cattle. Learn about their travels from raising a king in Argentina to being saved by a thoughtful married family in America. This is an introductory course in the purchase, care, education and breed of minature ponies. Provides advice on competitive mini in your hands and harness.

This is a precious asset for the first-time mini-proprietor. Includes general maintenance, healthcare, care, raising, education and presentation of these diverse animals. An entire section is dedicated to driving outside the exhibition ring. You will be inspired by this guide to live your own lives with a small animal.

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