Mini Foals for Sale

Minifoal for sale

Miniature horse ('Snazzy' is looking for his next big adventure...with you?) We have a selection of miniature horses for sale, a stallion, a gelding and a broodmare.

All the unique colours we achieve with our foals are just the wonderful and fabulous "icing on the cake"! Occasionally we also have older ponies for sale. The Mt Olympus miniature pony offers miniature ponies in show quality. Miniature horse breeder, for show, work or as pets, gentle, intelligent, good with children, miniature horses and miniature horse shows.

Favourite for sale:- Polka Red's Poppy, chestnut mare, died 21/05/2013. He never had a filly for sale because he reduced the number of foals. State-owned stallion farm Tawna offers well-bred, high-quality foals by the following colts for sale: Multichampion incl. Mini Champ at the National Stallion Show, and father of champ incl. Mini Champ at the SPSBS Breed Show.

The foals are all from multiple award-winning broodmareens, mostly at district breeding school. The joint transportation from Tawna in Cornwall to Aberdeen will be possible in autumn. Leaning small filly, ca. 31,25 inch, 14 years old. Perfect filly for Redburn Riotmaster ! Sorry for sale because of death.

If you would like more information, please call 01542 833436 (Redburn Shetlands) or e-mail (Moray, North East Scotland). FOLDING Redburn Riotmaster Breathtaking Leaning Minature ca. 31 Zoll recorded, unlicensed stud, 13 years old, by Redburn Flying Colours (Lean 32,5 Zoll K├Ârung). Just run with a filly a few time and leave behind beautiful, fractured, coloured foals.

PLCBS traveled, sorry for sale due to loss. Tuxedo miniaturized stallion who wants to create small, high qualitative stallions with love, experience, homes. If you would like more information, please call 01542 833436 (Redburn Shetlands) or (Moray, North East Scotland). Sell a Holmhead Morven Magic, Reg Stallion. Beautifully labeled checkbooks at the age of 8 years, which are unfortunately sold as a breed waiver.

75-inch, son of North Wells Little Fella, SOLD:- palimino stallion foal, young stallion, sold: - 8 year old foal, registered & passportet, still outstanding & not shown until today. Shetland or Little Pony. To Sell - Collars, Leashes, In-Hand Bridles, Rooms, Light Carpets. This is a unique chance to buy an award-winning broodmare.

Bellen is 6 years old, she had 3 foals, 2014 Hjaltland Thorbeau, Schecke, Sells..... 2015 Hjaltland Thora, brown & knows, kept........... 2016 Hjaltland Topaz, brown & knows, kept...... Sutherland Show, Stute & Fohlenklasse, Hjaltland Belle 1 & her filly first and best Miniaturfohlen from 2016..............

Hjaltland Belle 1 and her filly Topaz 1 & best small filly..... Hjaltland Belle 2nd & filly 2nd and best small filly.

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