Mini Harness


ELUXE MODEL Pair Sport Harness with Brollar Collar Mini - Pony Size. The black leather country show harnesses come with silver conchos and chrome hardware. Prevent the dangers of a collar with a properly fitted mini-pig harness.

Miniature Extra Heavy Duty harness in black leather

First-rate members receive FREE two-day mail-order and free online delivery of royalty-free content including TV shows, films, TV shows, genuine audiobooks and Kindle booklets. This is a high-quality miniatur harness for small ponies from 32" to 38". Supplied with everything but the little Bit - Mini-Driving Belts are available for 15.00 hrs.

It is a beautiful harness, but it doesn't go very well with mini ponies, I had to make some modifications to make it go with my mini ponies and they are big mini, almost bangsize. These special harnesses were too big and too light for our little mini-dog. "Films, Music & Games", "Articles":[{"Text": "Films, Music & Games", "Articles":[{"Text": "Films & TV", "url":"/movies-tv-tv-dv-dvd-bluray/b/ref=nav_shopall_mov?

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The harness: Our dishes are all made in the USA. We' ve tried and used all our own mini' ?s so we can offer you the best harness for your needs. The majority of the harness is fitted with inspection chambers that can be converted into side inspection chambers. The fittings are either bras or chromium.

The harness is completely with teeth and finished. These are our top model of showware. It is trimmed at the headband and cavesson and is designed as an over check or side check. Sewn and trimmed saddle. Chest collar has a strap in curled tracks and comes with or without trimming, there is a strap for the Martingal.

Bicoloured black/brown with a small strap. The decorative colours are golden, silvery, red, silvery or noir. Fittings in chromium or bras. The harness is similar to the SLT 320, but not quite as sophisticated. These are great dishes for the show ring. Included is a roll-up harness that can be changed from over check to side check.

Bicoloured rein (black roll with shallow ends in brown). Available in either golden, silvery, burgundy, pink, violet or blu.

The harness is equipped with all the necessary accessories. You can change the scale from over-check to side check. Seatbelts fastened, red-brown ends in color blackened. Accentuation of the headband, the caveon and the back saddle. For the SLT 318 and 319, the main distinction is the chest collar. SLT 318 chest collar and tracks are one-piece.

Decorative trims: monochrome, golden, silver, bordeaux, lilac and blu. This is the ideal harness for starters. All-in-one harness with bridles that can be changed from side check to over check, bits, 2-tone rein, back saddle, chest collar and tracks. Blind and back saddle have pat for an extra finishing. Optionally available with either brassy or chromium fittings.

Purchase the harness and chest collar to transform 2 individual belts into a harness. The crew cords and chest collar with the strap for stick and clasp are included. Chromium or brass equipment. Ruset Harness This harness is made of dark grey colored brownskin. All-in-one harness with bridles that can be changed from side check to over check, bits, 2-tone rein, back saddle, chest collar and tracks.

Optionally available with either brassy or chromium fittings. The harness can be used for practice or show ring. Includes an over-check / side check bridles, dee-shaped shutters, two ton bridles, and the option of either chromium or brasswh? These are simple service dishes, as you simply clean them. The harness is the same as the SLT 353, except that it has a trimming colour on the headband, cuson and baking saddle.....

It is a great show harness with simple service.

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