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Racing and pleasure rides with miniature horses are a very active sport. Our company specializes in the manufacture of miniature horse buggies and miniature horses, small pony carts. Sporty Frontier Mini Pony Size Lightweight Wagonette Pleasure Carriage.

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Multiple powerful, lightweight mock-ups specifically developed for small horse owners. Competitions and amusement rides with small size ponies are a very energetic activity. Experience the joy with a new Frey Carriage. Build your individual freewheel carriage: As soon as your style has been placed in the basket, you will return to the home page to choose the option for your order.

Every single item must be added to the basket. Discounts are available for several different types of purchase. Most of our cars are dispatched mounted. Remove the saddle (4 screws). Dampers are detached (4 screws). The shaft insets are dismantled (4 screws). In our production plant for industrial transports our wagons are packed individual.

There are two ways of delivery. Each option with a price will be displayed at the cash register. When we do not have your order in store, our mean delivery period for new bikes is 30 to 60 workdays. We have an approximate delivery period of 90 to 120 workingdays for four-wheeler cars.

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All of us can be aware of how fantastic some of the horse drawn cars and wagons we see on shows and processions are. However, when miniaturised for a miniature horse, they become completely enchanting. Large stallions may look stunning when they pull their full-fledged pendants, but they are unbeatable when it comes to charm!

You got a mini and a shopping trolley? We did this for a Oregon City High School in Oregon show. Wouldn't it have made more sense to make those little mouses into little horse? It is our opinion, and this charming carriage is evidence that Cinderella should have become a thumbnail.

The Princess and Cowboy Carriages have one for their bangs - how funny! The handcrafted shopping trolley is enchanting! It' not only the horse and the wagon that are small, there are also fuzzy children inside... I don't think a show could be any sweeter than this! Made by Rowdy's Rascal's Petting Zoo and Ponies partys.

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