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A step-by-step guide to training a miniature horse to drive: The Comfy Fit harness - small horse Comfortable fit harness. Comfy Fit Harness was developed with the horse's level of wearer convenience in view. Chest neck, nut, buckle and belt are broad and cushioned. This harness can be ordered either with full upholstery made of plastic for ease of use. Don't overlook the choice of neck and nut.

Comfy Fit harness is specially developed for the convenience of your horse. Chest neck, nut, fastener and waistband are cushioned with either an additional layer of gravel skin or a wafer binding made of vin. This harness is available for small animals and A and B sized Ponys.

The Cob, Horse and Draft Horse sizes Comfy Fit Harness is also available. This harness is made of hardwearing plastic and sewn together with strong and strong threads. Comfortable riser options (see pictures above): Bent chest neck - Add a small bend to the front of the neck to reduce strain on the horse's neck.

Optionally, swivelling track clamps are available to adjust the tracks to the drawing angles. A deluxe chest neck with swivelling clasps - this deep-curved neck is for added convenience. There is also a swivelling clasp that keeps the clasp in line with the puller.

Comfortable collars with swivelling buckle - the Comfy Collars is a crossing between the luxury chest collars and a collars. Gives the horse more traction than the luxury chest collars, but is not as weighty as a normal necklace. Comfy' collars are variable in size and have an articulated neck-terret and a swivelling track mount.

High-grade steeel hangers - allow the use of a necklace with your Comfy Fit harness. Prosciutto and necklace can be bought in combination with the chest collars to give you more riding opportunities. Covered seat with extended padding - The padding stretches to the side of the seat for added convenience.

Covered semi-trailer with slide belt and prolonged upholstery - The semi-trailer has a slide belt that shifts as the car axles move. In this way it is prevented that the wave on the nut will move downwards. It also has a longer cushion. Adjustable terretts - standard neck straps - terretts can be raised or lowered for optimum line positioning.

It is ideal for competition rides, shows and leisure rides. This harness is available for minature and draught/horse. There are other Comfyfit Harness accessories available, such as headbands, lacquer bridles, lacquer bridles, and more. Please note: It can take 3 to 4 week before a harness is delivered, according to the harness used.

Order your Comfy Fit Harness: Select a necklace options. When you decide on a name, be sure to order a necklace. When you are allowed to ride a couple in the near term, you should wear a dee -ring to your chest collars so you don't have to buy a second chest cuff later.

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