Mini Horse Harness Pads

Harness Pads

The right harness parts allow you to communicate better with your pony or mini while riding. Texeville leather harness chest collar. Breast-collar padding is identical to the harness padding. A few sensitive horses need additional protection under their tails. A large stock of harnesses for the mini horse (Mini A and Mini B).

Harnes Pads

A few delicate ponies need additional care under their tails. Durable, erasable non-woven padding for your horse's 4 " 43 " x 5 " 40 " with hook and loop fastener.

Available in ebony. 20 "x8" fabric fur top with vinyls and hook and loop fasteners. Attachment under the chest with five hook and loop fasteners. Horses - 5 "x40" pony - 4" by 30 " mini - 4" by 26 " grey and pink always in stock. Non-woven with 1" high grade plastic foams and hook and loop fastener.

It is available in the colours blacks, reds, woods greens, kings blues, violets and burgundies. Horses - 6 "x18" always in stock in blacks and reds.

Harness Pads Fleece Derby Originals

It is a discontinued article that is available at a special rate. We sell these items in their present form and they are not returnable. If you would like more information about a special offer please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. The cushions are available at a discount as they are on sale.

The Derby Original padding allows your horse to draw easily without getting bruises or chafing.

Upholstery Pads Harness Pads Harness

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Pony Harness Pad Pony Harness Pad

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We' re looking forward to helping you and your horse Love the Ride!

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