Mini Horse Jumps


The mini-jumps are designed for children, dogs and miniature horses. Mini-jumps are a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to play! This information applies to jumps that are frequently used in AMHA shows. Only to say that the mini jumps are a great product for children. Kid's & Mini Jumps Real horse jumps for kids only!

Mini-jump courses

Do not use on full sized horse. Built for kids, puppies, miniature ponies, these delightful mini jumps provide opportunities for your loved ones and your families to enjoy playing together overdoors. Jumps are supplied mounted, except that the legs must be fitted (hardware included). Features your own distinctive horse or an inventive notion for your own one-of-a-kind mini from $900.

This is one of the smartest kids mini-jumps ever made! Including wing, board and track. Unless otherwise specified, all cracks are varnished and mounted. Mini's are made of wooden - grids of synthetic material. The tracks are made of lacquered PVC. There are two cup kits per mini leap - both school and grand piano.

Included in this lavish mini-diving course are a mini-desired fountain and an individually designed paddle wheel. The intricate mini course features leafy grids, a mini fountain of your choice, the paddle wheel shown above and the yellow picket in the picture below. We also sell the mini-diving course shown above as single full diving kits as well as single parts.

Top is the Mini Grid with some user-defined functions, featuring LogoWorks, user-defined colours and track strips. Spare wheel wing, two stripey red/white mini tracks, user-defined planks logos (add $50 for user-defined logo), or please specify. Incl. wing, tracks and window boxes. Mini-boxes of flowers: $60.

We can, however, make a payment via e-mail that allows you to use American Express for your on-line payment.

Genuine horse jumping for children

You' found the best jumps for children in America! Constructed by Arena Supplies and developed for security, longevity and enjoy! We' ve recently revamped our children's jumps line and now they are even better! With our new platformers, the new goal size and the new Ez Jumping Base, the jumps are simple for our children to use, very secure and above all enjoy!

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