Mini Horse Products

Mini- Horse Products

There is a wide range of products for all your driving, training and show needs. The miniature horses were bred for. There is not much information I can find about the healthy diet of miniature horses and the amount of vitamins and supplements they should receive. Show all products in all categories.

Feed my mini-horse

Not much information is available about how to breed miniscule animals. It is a good general principle to give them products for the horse that are reduced to their own weights. Nevertheless, miniscule and pony animals do not need products with a high content of starches and carb because they are very susceptible to metabolism disturbances.

They do good by eating low starches and fatty foods to prevent metabolism problems.


It is a small stable that has been proportionally reduced in order to combine all the qualities and workmanship of our large stable. 32?  X 48?  X 2 1/8 - swing doors are made of the same high class sawn timber as our much praised R-48 stabledoors. Galvanised barbecue rods with a 1? diametre are separated from each other by 1 1/2 for security reasons (standard grid heights 14 3/4?).

Front grilles and side grilles are available in the desired length.

Horseshoe stands - Hoofjack Mini

She and her horse loved Cavallo Trek Boots. Emma says Emma will be traveling through Scotland this year with a crew of unbridled, saddleless or halterless passengers, but all the passengers will be on Cavallos! Like she says: "We can't wait to see what Emma will choose as her next work!

Miniature horse from America

With over 185,000 stallions and more than 11,000 members in 38 nations and regions, the American Miniture Horse Association is the world's premier miniture horse register. AMHA was established in 1978 and encourages the breed, use and maintenance of a quality standards for small format horse, separated and apart from small size and pony.

AMHA registrated stallions must conform to the association standards of excellence and must not be in excess of 34 inch at the last hair of the head. The American Miniature Horse Association was founded in 1978 in Arlington, Texas, by a group of committed riders. Our aim was simply to promote the breed, exhibition, use and maintenance of the American miniature horse, separately and apart from Ponys and other small animals.

Up to that point, American Miniature Horse breeder had restricted opportunities to register, exhibit and promote theirorses. Resulting from nearly 400 years of selected stud farming, historical scholars have tended to favour the miniature horse race as a derivation from many different wells. Small horse races in pre-historic period were most likely the outcome of survival of harsh nature climate and restricted forage.

In 1888 a small horse was first mentioned that was exported to the United States, and research shows that until 1960 the general population knew little about real thumbnails. People believe that American miniature horse breeders used the breeds of British and Netherlandish mine horse breeders who were introduced to the land in the nineteenth centuries and used in some Appalach mine in 1950.

Also the American miniscule ponies, as they are today recorded in the genealogical tables of the miniatures, came from the pure bleeding of the Shetlandony. In its colourful past, the mini-horse race was raised for domestic animals, newness, research, financial profit, mines, exhibitions and kingly presents. They are " miniscule " varieties of equines that are no larger than a large horse and have affirmative traits found in most horse races.

You can find them in a color and type jungle. Though the American horse is a small horse, it is a soft and loving horse for people of all ages and abilities. Although dainty, miniscule ponies are highly diverse and distinguish themselves in a wide range of events such as riding, holsters, jumping, obstacles and more.

It is a small, healthy, well-balanced horse with the right adaptation qualities demanded by most races. As the breeding goal is the smallest possible horse, preferences should be given to the smaller horse, with other traits being approximately the same. The hoofs should be round and tight, cut as small as possible for an unflaked horse.

Such a move was the closure of the register on 31 December 1987, which allowed only those Arabian horse with a parent registration to be listed. The American Miniature Horse Association is a non-profit organisation whose members make all important choices related to the association's operations by the members participating in the annual meeting.

As well as retaining the integrity as well as the accuracy of its blood line record, American Miniature Horse provides worthwhile programmes, enhanced capabilities and a wealth of resource to help you broaden your participation in the American Miniature Horse. Miniature Horse Welt, the American Miniature Horse Association's offical book, presents the American Miniature Horse experience with fun tales, tutorials, breathtaking photographs, as well as the latest information and updates.

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