Mini Horse Rescue

Mini- horse rescue

The Pipsqueak Paddocks Miniature Horse Haven is an SPCA-approved rehabilitation and rehabilitation centre for miniature horses. It's Chance's miniature horse rescue. CHR Sanctuary Program ~ Miniature Horses. We have rescued our little miniature horses, Oreo Cookie, Momma Maddy and Baby June Bug. One Amish family called our TN shelter about a miniature horse they could no longer keep.

Rescuing minature horses

The Pipsqueak Paddocks Miniature Horse Haven is an SPCA-approved miniature horse rehab and rehabcenter. Each miniature horse is accepted and provided with veterinary assistance, farriers' grooming, tooth treatment and everything necessary to make sure it is in good health and serenity. When you really only want a good home for your Mini and have no more spare moment or possibilities - we are pleased to take on the job of find you a lovingly and lasting new home.

We' ve worked alone and with the SPCA and other rescue organisations to purchase minis who need comprehensive rehab or a rapid out-of-situation. Up to now we have recorded over 200 small horses and small horses. When you know a little horse who needs help, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

The Rainbow Meadows Equipment Rescue and Retirement, Inc. is a horse rescue devoted to the horse that has so faithfully ministered to us. Situated on the Rainbow Meadows Ranch in southeastern Kansas, Rainbow Meadows houses a series of saved, pensioned and abandoned ponies, all of which are treated with the greatest possible attention and affection.

Rescue is on the 240-acre farm and helps a large number of saved and pensioned animals. Once a horse reaches Rainbow Meadows, it is repaired as needed and then taken to an eternal home where it receives the attention and loving attention it merits for the rest of its time.

The Rainbow Meadows also provides a pension programme for individual retirees who wish to retreat their horse in the lovely Kansas Osage Hills, where they can unwind and unwind until the end of their time. is a 501c (3) non-profit organisation devoted to the rescue, grooming, nursing and rehabilitative management of minature cattle.

With the benevolent work of our voluntary workers and our fellowship, we seek help, hopes and charity for life-long houses for minature horses that have been confiscated, delivered or grossly abused and neglected. It would also be our pleasure if you would work in one of several honorary posts.

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